Terebinthina. Homeopathy

(or Terebenteno. hydrocarbons obtained from the turpentine of various pine species)
1 Children, especially in the teething stage, very irritable, easily fall into anger, often by irritation or intestinal parasites. Intense nervous excitement. Temperament maniac.
2 Weary of life. Thoughts of suicide by hanging. Anxiety at bedtime.
3 stupefaction, with inability to fix his attention. Uremic coma.
4 Fear of a stroke.
5 - () Worse, from touch and pressure, lying on the left side, sitting, walking outdoors and at night, 1 to 3 am, in wet sites. Better: turning toward the right side when lying, stooping, by motion, for burp and expel flatus.
Effects of falls and blows.
6 - () Korea. Violent convulsions and paroxysmal, sometimes with intense opisthotonos; puerperal or intestinal parasites (especially oxiurus).
Seizures every time he sees or hears water dripping, or sees a shiny object or attempts to urinate; hydrophobia. Subsultus tendon.
7 - () The tendency to bleeding, especially urinary, digestive, and asthma, passive, dark and fetid blood. Mucosal bleeding.
8 - () lightning pains. Neuralgia with sensation of cold in the nerve *, at times, like running hot water through a tube.
9 - () Great prostration and weakness, drowsiness or deep in slumber, worse on awakening after stool (fainted).
Desire and aversion of TEREBINTHINA
10 Wishes of alcoholic beverages. Aversion to food animals.
11 Vertigo, dizziness, sometimes fall, with blurred vision and nausea.
Sensation of band around the head. Heaviness and fullness cephalic.
Left temporal headache that comes and goes at night in bed. Erysipelas in the head.
Neuralgia 12 on the right eye. Sunken eyes. Acute conjunctivitis. Floaters, especially walking outdoors. Photophobia.
Rheumatic iritis. Miosis. Upturned eyes. Nystagmus. Just open your eyes to swallow.
13 sensation of hearing the ticking of a clock. Your own voice sounds strange.
Otitis, earache; in children left worse at night. Hot right ear, left cold. Deafness after a measles. Eczema in the ear.
Sudden stitch in right mastoid. Can not tell the direction of the sound. Pain hear loud talking.
14 Feed water nose, without coryza. Epistaxis violent, passive children.
15 Face pale, dusky. Herpes on the lips. Waves of heat to the face at menopause.
16 During the dentition may have seizures and anuria. Toothache.
17 - () receding gums, bleeding easily, spongy, soft, with burning pain every morning. Tongue dry, sore, red, smooth, shiny, and polished, as if he had papillae, the lingual mucosa shows partially, leaving patches of bright red, or completely and suddenly, leaving the tongue dry and red, with burning in the tip, sometimes the papillae are prominent. Tongue swollen, hard and rigid. Mapped tongue.
Ecchymosis bleeding in the mouth. Foul breath. Mouth sores. Sialorrhea, saliva falls from the mouth to the child. Stomatitis.
18 scraping sensation in the throat, sometimes with cough in the evening. Burning in the throat or cold. Can not swallow.
19 Hunger and thirst with weakness. Anorexia. I want to eat more, even after having eaten well. Rancid belching; acres; noisy. Nausea and Vertigo.
Arcades. Vomiting of mucus, yellow, food, blood. Excessive sensitiveness in the epigastrium to touch. Pressure in the stomach, like he had swallowed a ball that stayed there, worse lying left side, better turning toward the right, belching or passing flatus. Burning in the stomach. Pressing pain at one point in the epigastrium, Meor crouched, lying down or breathing deeply.
20 - () Burning and pressure in hypochondria. Biliary colic by gallstones. Cutting and left upper quadrant pressure while sitting, better moving. Abdomen enormously distended, tympanic, with great flatulence and bloating, and extremely sensitive to touch. Peritonitis, appendicitis. Heaviness, fullness and pressure in the stomach. Excessive cold sensation in the stomach, especially around the navel, which is retracted.
Dolores through the intestines, from left to right and up; ulcerations in the intestines. Rumbling in the belly. Outward pressure sensation in the groin, as if caused by a hernia. Painful lymphadenopathy in English. Ascites with anasarca in kidney.
21 - () Diarrhea with watery stools, greenish yellow or greenish fetid, mucous, frequent, copious, with burning in anus and rectum (aplicacienes better for cold water), with prostration and fainting after a bowel movement, sometimes with tetanic spasms. Melena by intestinal ulcerations.
Constipation with ineffectual urging, distended belly, stools scanty, hard, dry, brown. Bleeding internal hemorrhoids. Intestinal parasites, bad breath, choking, dry cough, tickling or anal itching, seizures, etc.. Ascariasis, pinworm, tapeworm.
22 - () The urinary system is the most important field of Terebinthina action. Back pain or burning or twitching kidney with renal inflammation or acute nephritis with albuminuria and hematuria predominant, with little casts, usually straight to infectious diseases (scarlet fever, diphtheria, typhoid, etc.). Or pregnancy. Cystitis with frequent urination (especially at night), sometimes drop by drop, with burning, sharp pains in the bladder that improve walking and they are aggravated by rest, with intense urgency. In the nephritis and cystitis, the urine has more individual characteristics: it is very dark or black, turbid with sediment like coffee grounds, scarce and smelling violets. Diabetes.
Anuria or retention of urine with drowsiness, very disteno belly and sore, varnished tongue edema. Urethritis with painful erections. Urethral stricture.
23 - () Twitching pain in the testicle and spermatic cord, most left. Spermatorrhoea. Gonorrhea, with greenish secretion.
24 - () Menses delayed and scanty, black. Uterus and ovary very painful. Terrible burning in utero, especially during metrorrhagia.
Uterine disease after using pessaries. Uterine pains of bearing down, worse when urinating. Uterine fibroid. Bloody flux. Abortion.
Metritis by suppression of lochia. Puerperal pelvic peritonitis. Vulvar herpes.
25 Dryness of the respiratory mucous membrane, which feels hot and congested. Shortness of breath, rapid and anxious. Emphysema. Spasmodic cough with inspiration, as if she were a foreign body in larynx. Aphonia. Coughing blood taken. Dyspnoea pulmonary congestion. Echinococcosis and pulmonary gangrene, pneumonia, bronchitis. Burning in the chest, in the sternum. Retrosternal pressure. Spasmodic contraction of the chest muscles. Rales and rhonchi on auscultation.
Intense 26 precordial oppression. Heat in the heart while sitting in the evening, with yawning and salivation. Palpitations. Pulse rapid, thready, almost imperceptible, or intermittent, or irregular.
27 - () Drawing in the neck. Drawing pains in the back, the evening sitting. Lumbar pain and increasing heat. Pressing pain in the back, stretched between his shoulders like a heartbeat. Burning pain in the kidney area.
28 Members asleep, heavy, cold, with pain in the long nerves, with jerks like electrical shocks, with twitching, with sensation of stiffness in all muscles, with progress difficult, slow and crooked, as in the elderly. Tremor of the hands can not control when you try to write.
Brachial neuralgia, toes numb. Numbness of lower limbs. A staggering gait. You can not keep his balance standing with feet wide, separated. Infantile paralysis. Pain in the English spread to the thighs. Swelling and stiffness in his right knee. Copious sweats in the legs in the evening in bed. Neuralgia intense in wet weather. Tearing pains in the feet, especially on the soles and heels. Edema in lower limbs. Chilblains with excessive itching and throbbing pain.
Lethargy 29. Soon asleep. Agitated sleep at night, takes many turns and wakes often. Nightmares.
30 Fever with intense thirst. Febrile children with irritability or crying and very restless sleep. Cold sweats and clammy all over. Typhoid with bloat, hemorrhage, shock, great prostration, delirium and urinary symptoms. Scarlet fever.
31 - () Purpura equilmosis hemorrhagic with numerous new every day.
Scarlet fever with rash that appears late or slow. Skin hot and humid or too hot and itchy. Vesicles violently itching. Erythema. Erysipelas bullosa. Chronic jaundice. Dropsy after scarlet fever.
Mercurius, Thuya

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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