Tetradymite. Homeopathy

(Crystals of North Carolina and Georgia [USA] containing 60 parts Bismuth, 33, Tellurium, 6 sulfur and traces of iron and selenium)
1 Great anxiety about the noise from the street, to wake in the morning.
2 Dolores in small places or points.
3 pain in the right temple and occiput.
4 Pain in left ear, then the right, as if aching bones.
Repeated sneezing 5 to go outside, with secretion of mucus slurry.
6 toothache in the lower teeth, first right, then left. Tongue coated. Bitter taste.
Extreme hunger to 7 in the morning.
8 Colicos, wanting to move her bowels. Stinging and burning pains in hypochondria.
9 Stool scanty, soft, yellow, burning anal. Mane of black blood.
10 Violent erections in the morning.
Hoarseness 11. Oppression that improves sweating. Dyspnea. Violent stitches in the upper left lieniitorax, repeated at intervals.
12 Pain in the neck, in the sacrum on rising. Intense pain in the coccyx and the right ischium, especially when sitting.
13 - () Pain in the elbow and left leg. Frequently periungual ulcerative pains, like a burning and aching in small points, especially in the right middle finger. Stiffness in the left arm, especially at the elbow, with constant tendency to stretch or rotate the member. Sharp pains in the left leg. Achilles tendons (plus right) are constant pain, and twisted, worse when rising from a chair, better walking. Pains in the ankles, violent sitting, worse when rising from a chair on his heels. Cramps in the right side.
14 very sleepy, tired and cranky traveler at a velliculo. He wakes up at 3 playing a bull in pursuit, and as though he had often sounded before, which is not so.
15 Suda on occiput and neck at night, although this cool.
16 Urticaria, especially in the face, eating shellfish or crabs. Burning pain like hot needles. Itching and tingling in the right palm.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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