Teucrium Marum. Homeopathy

(Marum Verum germander Maritima)
1 - () Intense irritability and moodiness with excitement, worse after eating, fatigue by the mere fact of hearing the conversation of others. Indolence, with great aversion to physical and mental effort. Excitation during perspiration.
2 excessive nervous excitement with loquacity and tremors. Irresistible desire to sing.
3 Down: by touch, sitting, stooping, on the side on this bed, in evening and night, by the heat from the heat of the bed, by the humid weather. Best: from motion (with great desire to exercise OUTDOOR).
4 - () Desire to stretch or stretch.
5 Particularly useful when too many drugs have produced a condition of hypersensitivity, and medications do not work. In the elderly and children.
6 pressive headaches, especially in the forehead and temples, worse on stooping.
Sensibiiidad skin of the forehead to touch. Paroxysmal Tearing in the right half of the head, altering the same feeling in the front right and left temple.
7 Pain ocular pressure, as if sand. Burning eyes, but in the internal angles, with red conjunctiva. Fibrous tumor in the inner lower eyelid, which prevent it from closing the eye. Vision cloudy. Upper eyelids red and swollen. Profuse lacrimation and burning outdoors.
8 Earache tearing. Whistling or hissing in the ears when speaking or breathing air with force through the nose.
9 - () One of the most important drugs of nasal polyps, especially the back of the nose, with nasal obstruction worst of the side on this bed and the warmth of the bed and time, and with a pimple is large and red below the right nostril near the wall, it hurts and burns when touched, with a constant tendency to blow, by the feeling of having a large lump in the nose. Frequent sneezing, even without coryza, with violent tingling, especially in the root of the nose, itching or tingling or constant, worse on the right, with tears in his right eye. The nasal obstruction is worse on the right and does not improve or sneezing or by blowing. Secretion Ozena with green or yellow, thick and fetid, with atrophy of the nasal mucosa. Anosmia. Outdoor fluent coryza, worse in damp weather.
10 Face pale, sickly, with sunken eyes. Waves of heat to the face, without redness. Two deep grooves on both sides of the lower lip.
Tearing in zygoma.
11 sticky mouth, with lots of mucus. Sense of pepper in the mouth, with burning. Pain in the gums and teeth when chewing.
12 - () Sore throat, with dysphagia. Frequent need to clear his throat, pulling mucus with a musty taste. Bitter taste in throat after eating.
13 - () Hunger exaggerated, as if food is insufficient, preventing sleep. Cutting pains and nausea from drinking water. Hiccups when eating; constant hiccups every time the baby mama. Violent hiccough stitch that passes through the stomach to back. Vomiting dark green mucus. Stomach pain, or weakness with Gastric empty and rumbling. Anxious oppression in the epigastrium.
14 Colicos sharp after drinking water or beer, or twitching tearing in the hypochondria. Incarcerated flatus, with borborignos.
Pressure towards the inguinal ring. Frequent flatus emission of hot and quiet, smelling of rotten eggs.
15 - () intestinal parasitosis, ascariasis or oxauriaisis especially with anal itching and itching, worse in evening and night in bed (in the heat of the bed) and after each deposition with insomnia and restlessness all night (spins in bed), nasal itching and tingling, bulimia, hiccups, and so on.
Fetid stools and copious.
16 Polyuria with watery urine. Burning sensation and soreness of the urethra while urinating and worse after.
Decreased sexual Desco 17. Drawing pain in the left side of the root of the penis and scrotum, which is painful to touch, or from the womb to cords and testicles. Burning in the front of the urethra when not urinating. Excrescences blennorrhagic post in the urethra.
18 - () isterinos Polyps; vaginal polyp like a pear, which protrudes from the vulva.
19 Dry cough from tickling in the windpipe, as if inspired dust worse by coughing. Sensation of dry trachea. Pressure on the bottom of the thorax, with distress and anxiety, without affecting respiration. Coughing up a musty taste.
20 Suddenly feel your pulse beat very fast at dusk.
21 Burning in the left shoulder blade. Rheumatic pains in the back drawing; tension.
22 - () Rheumatism of members, especially bone and joint. Muscle twitching. Limbs go to sleep. Painful heaviness in the upper limbs. Burning in the fingertips. Felon. Keystrokes Painful fingers. An abnormal growth embodied by one of the big toe that is embedded in the flesh, with suppuration and ulceration. Gouty pains in the joints of the toe. They sleep sitting legs. Unsteady gait when walking, puts one foot over the other.
23 It is to sleep late. Sleep is restless, agitated, with frequent starts. Very vivid and pleasant dreams. The rest do not sleep, with difficulty waking in the morning.
24 Shivering and shaking, cold hands and yawning. Chills after eating and talking about unpleasant things. Fever in evening, with great verve and excitement.
Very dry skin 25, absence of perspiration. Itching, burning, as if bitten by fleas.