Thalamus (Talamo). Homeopathy

Pathogenesis clinic (O. A. Julian).
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Thalamus
1 - () state of mental inertia: no initiative, does not want to do anything, wants to be alone and at peace, is sitting quietly in a corner.
2 - () spasmodic laughing and crying without any apparent cause, with automatic involuntary contractions in the muscles of the face, or by imitation often exaggerated or mistimed.
3 - () Disorders of emotional origin.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Thalamus
4 - () Pains appear suddenly, immediately reaching the maximum of its intensity, which is excessive in relation to the cause and lasts longer than it originated, are permanent, continuous and paroxysms, especially in a mid-body (more left), especially in the extremities of the members, it is accompanied by anxiety and discomfort.
5 Worst: from cold, heat and emotions, especially those that cause unhappiness. Better: fresh air and movement.
6 Paresthesias menopause. Tingling and numbness painful, but in the arms, and that keeps him awake. Tingling and distal always appears without visible cause.
7 occipital headaches, worse on the left and extending to the whole left side of the body.
8 - () The decreased vision in one side of the visual field. Objects seem lost in a luminous halo.
9 - () auditory hallucinations, fear. Hear buzzing or ringing.
10 Decrease of smell. Feel unpleasant odors, such as sulfur.
Intolerance to smell ugly.
11 - () transverse epigastric pain, diffuse, with distress, worse emotions. Gastralgias with heartburn, with nausea, worse after eating, with sweats. Stomach cramps with nausea and bloating. Generally, gastralgias better at night.
12 Meteorism improves abdominal flatus. Abdominal pain with loose stools.
13 - () Male impotence with decreased sexual desire and lack of orgasm. Painful intercourse with premature ejaculation.
14 - () Female frigidity. Disorders of the menopause with hot flushes and flushing, worse at night. Hyperthyroidism in menopause, and swelling at the base of the neck.
15 chest pain spread to upper limbs, worse by stress, such as angina access.
16 Asthma, with dyspnoea the most pronounced exhale. Feel the rib cage as if he were stuck in an iron corset.
Neuralgia of 17 left cervical region and arm, with tingling. Back pain.
18 - () Cyanosis and edema in the extremities, with local heat or cold, sometimes with pain. Poor coordination of limb movements. Spastic gait, taking small steps, slowly, with stiff legs, and just feet off the ground shaking, all aggravated by emotions.
Walk with internal rotation of the legs, the leg makes a move on sickle. Tingling, burning and tightness in the States. Hands on,
without total paralysis, dropped his things out of hand. Hands cupped and tonics. The hands fall asleep, are cyanotic and trembling. Feet asleep, with cyanosis, tingling and swelling, edema of the ankles. Copious sweat on the feet of the affected side. Leg pain, severe (sometimes both that lead to suicide), worse from heat or cold, by coughing or sneezing, as if he drove needles. Muscle aches in the legs when climbing stairs, with muscular weakness. Aching joints, especially hips and knees. The pains are usually paroxysmal and, often emotional origin. Left sciatic pain. Hallucinations painful that you are missing a member, or phantom pain in a limb that really needed. A deformed, concave, fluted, fragile.
19 - () dermographism. Burning skin worse from heat or cold. Vascular disorders of the skin or very red or very pale, but always cold. Excessive sweating dominate half of the body.