Thallium. Homeopathy

(The metal Thallium)
Toxic symptoms, and also pathogenic (Panos, Rogers and J. Stephenson of the American Instit. Of Homeopathy 1966).
1 - () permanent state of jangled nerves, excitability and wailing, screaming and crying, with a desire to fight; great irritability, impatience growing, extreme anxiety for no reason and symptoms of hysteria followed by hypesthesia hypesthesia.
Apathy 2; depression. Inability to concentrate, understand or react.
3 - () choreic movements, or fast, as seizures. Hyperreflexia with muscle atrophy (pseudobulbar palsy). Disturbances in the coordination of movements. Earthquakes. Muscle aches. Great emaciation with lack of strength. Cachexia. Hypotonia.
4 - () Worse: at night, by touch and pressure. Better: walking.
5 - () Frequency of disorders; always occur at the same time.
6 - () Hyperthyroidism with emaciation, general weakness, insomnia, sweating, chills, sometimes with hypertension. Hyperglycemia with glycosuria.
7 - () The most horrible neuralgic or spasmodic pain. Polyneuritis. The weight of clothes hurts. Relieves pain of tabes.
8 - () The most prominent symptom of Thallium, toxic origin, is the hair loss throughout the body, including pubic and armpit, but most importantly the total fall of hair, making it very quickly, within a few days; can be acute infectious origin.
9 - () Frequent conjunctivitis with mucopurulent copious mucous secretion or, worse tomorrow. Go flashing spots, with tingling in the face. Visual disturbances retroocular sensation of heaviness.
Facial Tingling 10. Lips dry with thirst.
Dental Caries 11. Toothache. Excessive drooling. Bad taste in mouth, bad breath. Irritation of the oral mucosa.
12 - () Esophageal retrosternal pain. Voracious appetite. Belching bitter. Feel nausea, but can not vomit. Heaviness and bloating in the stomach even after a light meal. Spasmodic pains in the stomach and intestines.
13 - () distended belly. Abdominal pain. Sudden pains ranging from the legs to the belly.
14 chronic constipation, spasmodic, alternating with diarrhea pains in the rectum and anus. Diarrhea with bloody stools.
15 - () Dysuria. Albuminuria and hematuria with casts in urine. Involuntary urination.
Male impotence 16.
17 Menses prolonged, with black blood. Amenorrhea.
18 - () Shortness of breath with night sweats. Shortness of breath, pain throughout the ribcage. Painful heaviness in the sternum.
19 Access hypertensive, vascular hypertonia. Arterioeselerosis.
Chest constriction with tachycardia, may have bradycardia. Cyanosis.
Capillary hemorrhage.
Tingling in the back 20. Chronic myelitis. Tabes.
21 - () and periosteal bone pain in the extremities. Extended sciatica, worse at night and lying down or sitting, eating better, the pressure of the edge of the chair aggravates the pain. Leg pain, neuritic, especially on the right, worse lying on the affected leg. Right knee pain when bending or stretching. For all these pains in the legs, can not find positions in bed to relieve them, must rise at night and walk to feel some relief. Acroparesthesia and tenderness in the hands and feet. The pressure in the thigh muscle is painful. Lightning pains in Tabet. Earthquakes. Paralysis in the lower limbs or sense of paralysis. Weakness and insecurity in the right knee. Tingling in the fingers, which extend to the pelvis,
perineum and medial aspect of the thighs, numbness in fingers and toes. Cyanosis in the extremities. Trophic disorders of the nails, which are distorted.
22 - () light sleep, wake up easily, and it hard to get back to sleep.
23 Night sweats in tuberculosis. Sometimes there is no sweat.
24 Skin very sensitive, especially in certain areas (soles); dry. Pustules (acne, folliculitis). Disorders of skin pigmentation.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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