Thallium sulfuricum, Thryallis, Thuya, Tormentilla, Toxicodendron, Trichinoylum. Homeopathy

Thallium sulfuricum (thallium sulfate)
Hair loss (alopecia areata and diffuse)

Thryallis glauca (Rain of Gold)
Allergic skin disorders and mucous membranes.

Thuya (yours)
Special constitutional Drug action on the skin and urogenital organs. Constitutional remedy in impaired memory, difficulty finding words and other language disorders. Tendency to proliferate as warts, condylomas, papillomas, polyps, chalazion. Perspiration odor. Hemicrania, especially front.

Tormentilla (tormentila)
Acute gastroenteritis, sometimes with bloody stools. Bloat. Colitus mucous colitis. It promotes blood clotting.

Quercifolium Toxicodendron (poison ivy)
Rheumatism and neuralgia, worse in cold, damp weather. Polyarthritis.
Diseases of the mucous membranes and connective tissue.

Trichinoylum (inositol)
Regeneacion blocked respiratory enzymes. Promotes Detoxification.

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