Thea. (Te). Homeopathy

(T. chinensis. Te)
1 Ideas of suicide, jump out the window. 0 properties to kill his son just place in hot water or by cutting his throat and putting it down the stairs.
2 Delirium with incessant laughter and speech in verse. Delirium tremens.
Auditory hallucinations. Great loquacity.
3 Intensity nervous excitability with exaltation of the intellectual faculties. During sleepless nights, the mind is very active in a state of persistent thoughts. Moody, quarrelsome, argumentative, using language very aggressive. Lack of confidence in itself.
4 - () Worse: at night, after noon, walking outdoors, after dinner, for cold water. Better: for warm baths, for the local heat.
5 languor. Earthquakes. Fainting. Seizures.
Swelling or 6 large or indolent tumors, which appear successively in the back, thighs, hands, scrotum and penis, and last few days.
7 Insomnia nervous and cardiac disorders (palpitations that do not allow you to lie) in old tea drinkers.
Desire and aversion of THEA
8 wants to acids, lemons.
9 - () Vertigo sharp outdoors with obscured vision. Rush of blood to the head, with full frontal. Carotid with a pounding headache.
Migraines ( "produces most of the headaches" (Bocricke)), especially during menstruation. Occipital Neuralgia with excruciating pain, tearing, and that goes to the front, or extends to the right shoulder as an electric shock, better local heat. Each heartbeat is felt in the vertex. Sensitive scalp, worse in vertex, can hardly comb.
Sensation of cold damp at the nape.
10 Ojos very bright, with dilated pupils, dry, neuralgia. Vision cloudy or darkened; see sparks or fire lines.
11 Pain in the cartilage of the ears, which are frost, extended to the malar. Hey stamps or roars.
Premenstuales Epistaxis 12. Dryness in the nose, with soreness.
13 wild expression altered. Face pale, or red.
14 Caries frequent. Tongue clean and pale, red, blistered, painful as if burnt. Mouth dry and sensitive. Bitter taste. Sticky saliva.
15 painful swelling of the pharyngeal mucosa. Sore throat, as if obstructed by a foreign body. Diphtheria.
16 - () Very hungry. Sed. Gastric sensation of emptiness, faintness or languor. Weakness in the stomach which seems to hang like an empty bag.
Nausea, vomiting after meals, bilious, never food. Belching abundant. Dyspepsia of old tea drinkers.
17 Points under the ribs, from right to left, paroxysmal
after tea. Tendency to the hernia. Rumbling.
18 Pruritus ani. Constipation.
Polyuria marked 19. You should immediately make you urinate.
Excessive sexual Excitation 20. Erections.
21 Pain and tenderness in the right ovary. Menses late, scanty, with intense pain and cramping or bearing down during the entire period.
22 Hoarseness, with scraping in the larynx. Dry cough, intense, bloody sputum. Frequent and deep breathing. Dyspnoea on minimal effort. Asphyxia. Feeling of constriction or chest tightness, fullness or suffocation. It feels tight in the upper chest pate and forced to sit up in bed.
23 - () Anxiety, distress and chest tightness. Violent palpitation; can not lie on the left side going upstairs. Trembling and chest discomfort. Pulse full and fast, or weak, irregular, intermittent.
24 - () Numbness in the limbs. Pain in joints and feet healthy. Nervous excitement in wrists, hands and feet. Violent pains in the arm. Intense shaking of the hands, preventing it from writing.
Feeling that the circulation had stopped in the inside of both thighs, with great discomfort. Fidgety feet.
25 - () Insoninio with nervousness, agitation and nightmares, or wake up startled, frightened or smothered. Daytime sleepiness. Suenos horrible with kills, but it horrified even when awake, to remember.
26 cold in the head. Hypothermia. Hands and face cold as marble and humidity. Excessive internal heat, hot flashes that come and go fast.
Dry skin 27 is stripped at the tip of the fingers due to excessive dryness.
Itching, tingling, and pricking at different sites. Red spots, painless.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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