Theridion. Homeopathy

(T. curassavicum. Arana of orange Curacao)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Theridion
1 - () Exaggerated hypersensitivity to sounds and noises, with intolerance to a sound (the crunch of a role, the ticking of a clock or the chirping of a feather), which seem to permeate his entire body, especially the teeth (it seems that passes through them), causes nausea and vertigo, general malaise. Sounds seem to hit pain points throughout the body.
General hyperesthesia. Extreme nervous sensibility, especially during puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Easily startled. Hypersensitive to any vibration or shock.
2 - () You feel that time is passing too fast, but does nothing. Try to be constantly busy, but no pleasure in anything.
3 - () Alegre, very talkative (especially alcoholic beverages), excited speech, sing. Or despair, lack of self confidence, give up, give up. Hysteria at puberty and menopause. Hysterical anxiety.
Feels like to die.
4 daze, not wanting to get up in the morning. We work hard to think in comparison, but does well in creative works.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Theridion
5 - () Worse, when you close your eyes (vertigo, nausea, etc.). Riding in a vehicle or aircraft or ship, by touch and pressure, for the slightest movement, by the slightest noise, for a step in false stooping, when he stood up, for the effort; up or down stairs, walking, after washing (nausea and fainting), each night from cold, cold water feels too cold, for intercourse. Better: heat and rest. Predominantly left sided.
6 - () bone diseases, especially rickets, caries and necrossi or osseous tuberculosis. Pains in all bones, as if to fall apart or as if they were broken from head to toe.
7 - () Weakness: In the morning, sleepy, with shaking and sweating. Fainting efforts.
8 - () with lockjaw Tetanus.
Desire and aversion of Theridion
9 - () I: oranges, bananas, sour fruits, alcoholic beverages, cognac, whiskey, wine, food acids, or know they want.
Theridion SPECIFIC

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