Thioproperazine. Homeopathy

(Majeptil. is a psychotropic)
OAJulian pathogenesis (the most important; 1976 77) and Clerbaux (1972), but toxic data.
1 - () Confusion; forget the alphabet, has trouble finding some words. Think better in the morning, the ideas come more easily and have more clarity. Amused, feels as if the sounds from far away. Absent.
Intellectual disorders with memory lapses in attention difficulties and adaptability. Schizophrenia.
2 - () I want to network and avoid being alone at night, or wishes to be alone. Feeling of being separated from the outside world or surroundings.
3 - () Toggles euphoria with depression, sadness or melancholy. Anguish at night or indifference. Feels as if something bad were to happen, but that does not happen.
4 Status of intense nervous excitement worse in the afternoon or evening, wanting to work late, alternating at times with depression.
5 Worst: walking, bending forward, lying on painful side; after noon and evening; in a warm room or near the fire, standing still, at bedtime. Better: traveling in a vehicle, the open air when bleeding (eg, hemorrhoids), when moving; by hot compresses. Symptoms range from right to left and right prevail.
6 - () excitomotor syndrome with trismus, protrusion of tongue, sucking motions, frowning. Akinetic hypertonic syndrome with indifferent expression, immobile features, slowness of speech, stiffness when walking, poor reflexes, delayed or disminuda gesticulation; parkinsonian syndrome. Hypertonic hyperkinetic syndrome with generalized hypertonia, but with difficulty sitting still and an incessant desire to walk.
7 - () Endocrine disorders of the pituitary (amenorrhea, galactorrhea, false pregnancy), of the adrenal (hipefuncion bark) thyroid (hypothyroidism with weight gain).
8 persistent malaise, asthenia and vertigo. Faintness, worse in a warm room, better to move or outdoors.
Desire and aversion of THIOPROPERAZINE
9 - () I want meat and wine.
10 - () Persistent sensation of heaviness in the head or brain, or as if some water, worse bending forward and tomorrow.
Headache. Vertigo worse by the conversation and 9 to 10 hours. Seborrhea of the scalp. Red spots on the forehead.
11 constricted behind the eyes. Tearing. Eczema in the right upper eyelid, or itching where the glasses are built around the nasal bridge. Eye disorders: the accommodation, or diminution of vision with blurred vision. Oculogyric crises.
12 Pulsation in left ear when lying on it.
13 - () coryza that goes from left to right, with nasal dryness and crusting.
Stuffy nose and wet at night, with frequent sneezing and yawning. He wakes with serous nasal discharge, greenish, but the right side, with constant desire to swallow. Red spots on the nose.
14 - () facial twitching on one side, in the upper area of the facial nerve. Anxious expression. Facial acne. Circumoral pallor with red cheeks. Dilation of the small vessels of the face. Red spots on the upper lip. Urticaria.
15 - () hemorrhagic gingivitis. Sweet taste, or sulphurous. Sialorrhea. Toothache, worse about 23 hours.
16 - () irritation was the right side of the throat, which then goes to the left, with fatigue and depression. Pain and tingling in the throat.
17 - () Anorexia breakfast, false hunger at 11, feels the obstructed stomach. Appetite variable, even on the same day, or too much or too little. Nausea, vomiting. Persistent sensation of hunger.
18 - () abdominal cramps that go from right to left, better lying down. Abdominal cramps, worse at night, with expulsion of flatus odor of rotten eggs. Diffuse stomach pains.
19 - () Constipation persistent feeling of fatigue and tiredness, with hard stools and difficult to expel. Diarrhea with feces pasty, sticky, smelling of rancid oil, and always at night. Change in the time of defecation, which makes it much more often at night, and no more than tomorrow. Anal pain at 16 hours, like a cramp. Anal itching always worse at night in bed or in a warm room, better by standing. Piles with anal moisture and itching anus, or congestive improved by bleeding.
20 Urinary frequency, but with decreased urine output. Oliguria.
21 - () decrease in sexual desire, with ereaciones incomplete.
Nocturnal erections without sexual desires. Obsessive sexual thoughts, sadistic compulsions.
22 - () Frigidity. Amenorrhea. Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia. Galactorrhea.
23 - () Low voice, psofunda; hoarseness; Tracheitis painful. Painful cough with bronchial obstruction. Dry coughing, sore throat, low voice, dry cough on waking. Dyspnea or tachypnea with diffuse wheezing.
Sensation of warm chest. Pain in the center of the chest, morning, with dry mouth and nose and sore, and cough. Acne on the chest.
24 Palpitations at night, worse lying on left side. Precordial anxiety. Arrhythmia with premature beats in the ears and synchronous with the pulse. Sinus tachycardia (150 per minute) during crises excitomotrices. Unstable blood pressure, orthostatic hypotension with lightheadedness, hypotension with bradycardia, heat in the chest, and sweating. Lncompleto right bundle branch blockage; extrasystole. Bradycardia with or quadrigeminal trigeminy. Increased prothrombin.
25 - () Opisthotonos in fits, with the neck and trunk hyperextension arched. Emprosthotonos accesses, with his head on his chest, shoulders separated from bed and prominent quadriceps. Attacks of spasmodic torticollis. Hives on the back.
26 - () left escopulohumeral pain, worse at night, like a pinch, with the sensation of something alive in that shoulder, like a needle persistent, worse when touched or by pressure, local heat better; neuralgia on the left shoulder lying down at night, moving better. Clumsiness of the hand. Cramps in hands and feet. Cold in the extremities. Edema of the ankles and lower legs. Crawling on the inside right ankle near the fire worse. Limb purple.
27 - () postprandial sleepiness. Restless sleep, or disturbed by nightmares, and wakes up often or very early (at 1 or 2 hours). You wake up with difficulty.
28 - () State influenza with dry mucous membranes in the morning and wet at night, with thirst, with rinofaringea obstruction and mild fever (38th). Persistent febrile state, between 38th and 38.5, or with irritation of the throat and hot sweats (over night), with cephalic heaviness and restlessness with thirst and desire to drink around 3 am. Hypothermia or hyperthermia without apparent cause.
29 - () Urticaria. Hyperhidrosis. Photosensitization. Lupoid.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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