Thiosinaminum. Homeopathy

(Thiosinamina. Allylsulfocarbamida (derived from mustard seed oil))
1 - () The most prominent action is performed as a solvent and scar tissue, although its use to achieve this effect has been handling weighty dose, also has been used with identical intentions to 2AX, although it has been prescribed to 100M., especially in post-operative adhesions. It has been suggested to use (ASHard) to delay aging. Bowie (Hom. ECR 1 1941 pag. 10) has been used successfully for Thiosinaminum 3AX to 30aX tissue resorption sclerosus with rapid changes.
Tumors. Lymphadenopathy. Strictures. Arteriosclerosis. Heat and burning sensation in affected parts.
2 - () Vertigo; by atherosclerosis.
3 Ectropion. Opacities of the cornea. Falls.
4 - () catarrhal deafness with thickening of the eardrum, and ossicles
ears are wrapped in fibrous bands, with ringing in the ears. Subacute suppurative otitis.
5 Appetite increased. Gastric crises of tabes.
6 rectal stricture. Crisis rectal tabes.
Polyuria 7. Bladder crisis of tabes. Dysuria Painful elders with spasmodic 7etencion.
8 Annexes interim tumors. Fibroids.
9 Tachypnea.
10 joint ankylosis. Tabes (improved lightning pains).
Lupus 11. Urticaria. Scleroderma. Scarring of the skin. Cellulite.