Thuya Occidentalis. Homeopathy (Abridged)

Thuya occidentalis (Tree resinous conifers)

Symptoms and pathogenesis of Thuya occidentalis
1 .- obsessions, phobias, cenesthesia: ideas of bodily frailty, of foreign bodies that live inside the abdomen. Hypersensitivity to any music on.

2 .- Change Field to modify the effect of other drugs or therapies.

3 .- Events Hydrogenoid (not going well, they react badly, encystment, fluid).

4 .- Sequelae Immunization.

5 .- Infections Genocoficas.

6 .- snake bites.

7 .- Mental disorders and psychopathic by intoxication or drugs, poisons.

8 .- stitching pains of ovaries (left sided)

9 .- Mucosal inflammation Genito-Urinary.

General symptoms of Thuya Occidentalis: Remedy master of psychotic diathesis.

Thuya Occidentalis: Aggravation: with moisture, heat of bed at night. From 3 am to 3 pm, with the cold, the outdoors, coffee, narcotics, tea, raw onion. After a vaccine. For oozing badly treated or removed.

Thuya Occidentalis: Amelioration: with cold or dry rub, for massage or pressure, with the stretch.

Thuya Occidentalis: Laterality: preferably the left.

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