Thymol. Homeopathy

(Thymol or Thyme Camphor)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Thymol
1 - () nervous agitation, talkativeness. Want company.
2 - () Confusion. Dazed, stunned. Moody, sad. Arbitrary.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Thymol
3 - () syncopal tendency. General weakness, especially with the headaches.
4 - () chronic seizures.
5 Worst: for physical and mental work. Improved: eating.
6 - () temporal and occipital headaches. Constricting pains in the temples, especially in women, better lying down or by external heat. Headaches, weakness and back pain, accompanied by a state of depression and sadness. Headache with vertigo.
Temporary hearing loss 7. Ringing in the ears. Hey bells.
8 - () excessive salivation, nausea, watery. The saliva decreases when you eat.
9 - () Belching gag. Belching or spitting slimy, with burning sensation and gastric heaviness, with nausea. Improving eating nausea, vomiting.
10 - () or membranous slimy diarrhea with mucous stools gray membranous, followed by anal burning. Diarrhea following a constipation.
11 - () urinary frequency and urgency, worse at night. Kidney pain spread to the buttocks. Urine copious, with albuminuria and hematuria. Anuria. Burning when urinating,
with subsequent leakage.
12 - () Nocturnal pollutions copious, with erotic dreams with sexual perversion. Spermatorrhoea when bowel movements. Depression and sexual asthenia intense and frequent erections, priapism. Sexual neurasthenia.
13 - () Cash watery, brown, streaked with blood and a putrid odor intolerable. Thick and scanty menses. Pains in uterus and ovary before and during menstrual periods with heavy hypogastrium.
14 - () laryngotracheal irritation, especially in women, with cough. Dyspnea.
15 pulses weak, slow or fast.
16 - () dorsal to headache pain. Lumbar and sacral pain spread to the buttocks, but in women.
17 Extreme cyanotic; asleep.
18 They wake up tired.
19 Skin cyanotic and cold. Escarlatiniforrne or pustular rash.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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