Thymus serpillum. Homeopathy

(Wild Thyme)
1 Irritated at the slightest contradiction. He gets furious over trifles.
Constant agitation.
2 Pressure in the head. Headache with angina.
3 Hear stamps. Hearing loss. Earache with angina.
4 - () Great tendency to take cold in the throat, tonsils to repeat, with ear pain and headache. Dry, sore throat, worse morning and on empty swallowing, better for liquids, with a deep dark red coloring and burning.
5 Appetite increased or absent. Burning and pressure in the stomach, with pain and vomiting. Nausea.
6 Rumbling in the belly. Dry stool. Pain in right groin.
7 testicles painful left abruptly. Erections at night, short and painful.
Polyuria 8. Urine reddish brown, with intense aroma of violets or strong. Burning or stinging like needles into the urethra while urinating and after. Tingling in urethra when urinating. Marked increase in uric acid in urine.
9 Frequent cough, sometimes dry and painful, with little expectoration.
Respiratory conditions in children: asthma, whooping cough. Frequent colds.
10 Tips cyanotic. Pains in the shoulders, worse on motion.
Stiffness and pain in his left knee, worse on motion. Shocks in the thighs.
Heat 11 followed by sweating, especially in the face and breasts of a strong smell.
Erythema scarlatiniform 12. Red papules. Pustules on face and neck.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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