Thyroidinum. Homeopathy

(Thyroid Sheep or Beef)
Toxicological and clinical data of the usual descriptions, the
aggregation of data obtained in the pathogenesis by Panos, Roger and Stephenson 1963 64 (J. of the Americ. Himeopathy J. of the 57, 7 8, pag.
201). Pathogenetic data indicates (P).
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Thyroidinum

1 - () Stupor alternating with acute anxiety and melancholy, lies on the floor with the rigid member, sometimes weeping and undressing, and sometimes homicidal ieligrosa, puts his hands around the neck of another so strong that almost chokes . Fight over trifles. Suspicious; delusions of persecution. Acute Mania sudden attacks of great violence (sometimes in myxedema) with intervals of depression and moodiness. State of great excitement followed by deep depression. Depresionn waking (P). Euforia (P). Restlessness (P). Puerperal mania.

2 - () Irritable, moody, angry; worse by the contradiction. Irritable premenstrual (P). Discuss with your family (P). Quiet when you expect things (P).

3 - () Idiocy; cretinism. Concentration difficult when studying (P).

GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Thyroidinum
4 - () Thinning, or obesity paradox (P). "A state of swelling and obesity may be considered a key symptom Thyroidinum" (Clarke).
Myxedema, cretinism or affection by an underactive thyroid; hipotroidismo after acute illness, with weakness, easy fatigue, weak pulse, tendency to faint, palpitations, cold hands and feet, hypotension, chills and sensitivity to cold, sometimes fall hair (use to 1AX, 3 times per day (Boericke)).
Thinning in children or in general, although it has a good appetite. Anemia. Children arrested in their growth.

5 - () Worse from cold (high sensitivity) for the least effort, on stooping; before and during menses (all symptoms) (P). As the evening and after menses (P) at rest. Right side (P).

6 Fractures that are slow to consolidate. Rickets.

7 Hits seizure in general and during pregnancy. Fainting walking or standing.
Secondary and tertiary syphilis 8.

Desire and aversion of Thyroidinum
9 - () I want candy. Aversion to fats (P).

SPECIFIC Thyroidinum
10 - () sense of lightness in the brain. Vertigo in morning on rising, or leaning forward (P). Hair loss, premature graying (P). Persistent frontal headache. It grows among the gray-black hair.

11 - () Irritation of the eyelids (P). Secretion of the eyes and granulation to improve during menstruation (P). Stitch in the right eye (P).
Exophthalmos. Optic neuritis. Accommodation disturbances. Progressive diminution of vision with central scotoma.

12 Pain in right ear (P), in the left ear lobe (P).
Moist eruption auricular. Otitis media plastic or sclera.

13 Pain in the sinus (P). Sense of runny nose with headache and dry throat (P).

14 - () Swelling of upper lip (P). Face swollen. Heat waves in the face. Burning lips. Sensation of something heavy falling from the cheeks (P). Lupus of the face. Facial tremors. Acne worse in the left cheek (P).
15 - Tongue heavily coated. Bad taste.

Dry throat 16 (P), congested, hot, as if raw, worse on the left. Goiter. Exophthalmic goitre.

17 - () Great thirst. Anorexia. Insatiable appetite, he always wants something more to eat (P). Premenstrual dyspepsia (P). Belching. Nausea, worse to think about them. Gastralgias, worse from eating, the better the evening. Nausea from riding in a vehicle. Vomiting in pregnancy.

18 - () followed by diarrhea, flatulence (P), rumbling (P). Stomach pains after eating or waking him at night, worse when urinating (P); cramps acute cold sweats (P). Groin pain (P).

19 stools dark, fragmented, soft or watery, or cadaverous smelling rotten eggs (P). Diarrhea. Constipation.

20 - () Polyuria. Daytime urinary frequency (P). Albuminuria. Diabetes. Enuresis in children weak, nervous and irritable. Burning in urethra during urination. Urine odor of violets. Increased uric acid eliminated.

21 - () Cryptorchidism.

22 - () Increased sexual desire in women. Amenorrhea. Menses early, profuse, protracted, painful and irregular. Constant pain in left ovary. Agalactia. Uterine fibroid. Mammary tumors.

Tracheal catarrh 23 (P). Shortness of breath (P). Painful dry cough with difficult expectoration and burning laryngeal. Hemoptysis. Tuberculosis of the left apex.

24 - () Angina pectoris with anxiety and chest constriction. Tachycardia.
Palpitation from least exertion or stooping. Pulse weak. Weak heart action, with dormecimiento fingers. Shocks heart.

Cutting back pain 25. Heats in the back.

26 - () Stitches in the ulnar nerve, worse by motion (P).
Numbness or tingling in the ulnar border of the hands (P). Tremors in the limbs. Pain in arms and legs. Pain in right hip joint (P). Pressing pain in the varicose veins of the thigh (P). Pain in right knee (P). Edema in the legs, fluid output feet.
Paraparesis in the lower limbs. Tingling in the legs. Sweats in the hands and feet. Rheumatoid arthritis prone to obesity. Cold and cramps in the limbs. Peel the feet in long strips.

27 - () Intense daytime sleepiness (P). He wakes up without cause (P). Takes to fall asleep (P). Nightmares.

28 always has heat. Feeling feverish and thirsty. Fever with sweating.
Heat waves in the upper body. Copious sweat from the slightest exertion.

29 Dry, sometimes blue-black. Obese psoriasis. Lupus. Eczema.
Scleroderma. Ichthyosis. The peeling skin in the legs and sometimes extends to the whole body. Keloids. Lymphadenopathy rock hard. Jaundice with pruritus.

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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