Tieute Upas. Homeopathy

(Strychnos Tieute)
1 Depressed, melancholic, must suppress his tears, is very sensitive.
2 Moody, irritable, quarrelsome. Frio; rejects his friends.
3 Great difficulty concentrating. Aversion to mental work.
4 - () tetaniformes Violent tonic spasms. Clonic spasms of muscles of the neck and limbs, once in extension, the other in flexion, often repeated by the slightest irritation, having complete muscle relaxation in the intervals. Sudden shaking of the whole body, followed by violent stitches in the extensors and twitching in the head backwards. Great weakness after the paroxysms.
5 - () Worse by cold (high sensitivity to cold) motion; walking; the morning, after noon and dusk. Better: the evening after supper outdoors. Left sided.
Desire and aversion of UPAS TIEUTE
6 Aversion: eggs, meat (nauseated by the thought of these foods).
7 - () Vertigo as if to fall, ending in a pressing headache.
Throbbing headache on waking, better outdoors. Right frontal headache.
Twitching headache in temples, which crosses the front temple back, worse on the left, this area is painful and hot to the touch. Heat in the head with red face. Pressing pain occipital. Scalp asleep.
8 - () Sunken eyes blue surrounded by dark circles. Dry eyes, foreign body sensation. Each morning, weakness in the eyes with tears, with eyelids so heavy that the eyes close involuntarily as having an irresistible dream. Sharp pains in the nasal and orbital bones. Blood coming out of the eyelids. Burning and itching at the edge of the eyelids and angles.
Vision cloudy, foggy, letters will be together. Conjunctivitis. Outdoors, cloudy and looks like threads of white, transparent globules floating in the air. Vision obscured by erguseos increased, without erections. Pain and discomfort during intercourse, followed by depression. Itching in the pubic bone.
9 Tearing cartilage in the ears, shaking. Ears.
10 - () violent fluent coryza; obstruction first right and then left, changing all the time. Left nasal obstruction with greenish mucous secretion. You smell manure.
11 Face yellow or sallow, or hot red head. Left hemifacial red and hot, cold and pale right. Herpes labialis.
12 - () Tongue dry, hot, white with fur so thick that you can scrape. You can not open his mouth. Blisters on the inside of the lip. Itching of the palate. Sialorrhea acid. Sour taste, bitter at the base of the tongue.
13 - () pain in the left side of the throat which is aggravated by swallowing, with sensation of heartburn that goes to hearing. Burning sensation in the throat with cough burst. Pain in the left side of the throat, as if he had a spine, worse when swallowing. Difficulty in swallowing fluids. Suffocation by pressing the left side of the throat. Sensation of swelling in the right amygdala when writing.
14 Anorexia, or hungry, but is satisfied with the first bite. Be urgent. Belching: bitter after eating, or the taste of food all day; violent. When you hiccup, there is a linear pain that goes from the epigastrium to the lumbar vertebrae.
15 Pressing pains in hypochondria. Stitches in the liver and right kidney. Flatulence in hypochondria. Rumbling. Pain in left iliac fossa, worse from touch and deep breathing.
16 flatus odor free. Pain in the rectum. Diarrhea with red stools.
Constipation with difficult and inadequate evacuation. After a bowel movement, eliminates a brown gelatinous mucus.
17 Pain at night right kidney. Frequent urination with burning urethra at 8 pm. Scanty urine, red or dark. Dysuria.
18 - () sexual arousal in men, with strong back pain that prevented intercourse, and worse with each attempt.
19 - () Hoarseness, aphonia. Dry cough, worse at night: coughing up mucus colorless. Tachypnea in the morning. THORACIC spasms asphyxiation. Shooting pains in the base of the thorax, or stabbing that cross the right lung to the liver, blocking the respriacion, or needle behind the left nipple. Can not breathe deeply by a sense of iron band around the chest, which holds it.
20 Palpitations at bedtime, with beats from the vertex to the tip of the fingers, and writing. Pulse frequent, or slow and weak.
21 - () Painful stiffness in nape of tomorrow. Pain in the right trapezius.
Pressing, dull pain in the spine, but in the lumbar region.
22 - () Stepparents inflamed, itching and redness at the root of the nails.
Feet and hands asleep. Pinching in left arm twitching pain in the right wrist and his left ring finger. Left sciatica. Pain in the knees. Sharp cutting pain in his left Achilles tendon on stooping.
Dull pain in the heels, the worse the left. Sharp pains in the right big toe joint.
23 Irresistible sleepiness morning. Can not sleep until 2.
24 Chills and shivers easy, along the spine and arms, with burning in the palms. Flushes of heat. Night sweats.
25 Herpes on the lips. Intense itching without eruption, on the inner edge of the left wrist, better by pressure.