Tilia (Linden, Tila). Homeopathy

(T. Europoea. Tilo)
1 Melanie prone to mourn. Lovesick.
2 Fear of society. Irritable. Aversion to work.
3 Down: after noon and evening, in a warm room, talking, walking, sneezing, stooping, from cold water, heat of bed. Best: in a cool room, walking outdoors, for the cafe, by the movement. Left sided.
4 blood Bleeding very liquid and pale.
5 Particularly useful in women after childbirth and children during dentition.
Desire and aversion of Tilia
6 things like drinks.
7 - () Vertigo with staggering gait and blurred vision. Stitches in the forehead, with heat in face and head. Extreme sensitivity of the head to the drafts. Dull pains in the root of the nose. Occipital pressure. Itching of the scalp. Vesiculitas stinging and burning after scratching.
Sunken eyes 8. Sensation of a cold piece of iron in the right eye that reproduces burning. Vision obscured, as through a gauze.
Binocular Vision imperfect.
9 points in the ears.
10 Epistaxis liquid blood and pale, but that coagulates quickly.
Frequent sneezing. Tingling in the nose.
11 face pale or flushed, with frequent alternations. Ulcerative pain in right side of the face, from temple to jaw, or cutting in the right maxilla. Sensation of something alive under the skin of the face.
Jerking on her lips. Pain as of dislocation in the left jaw joint.
12 points in all teeth, worse for cold water.
13 Drawing pains in the gums. Copious mucus in the mouth to prevent him from speaking well. Bitter taste; pasty.
Burning in the throat 14. Sensation of swelling in the palate, with desire to swallow and hoarseness. Tingling in the mouth to cough.
15 Many appetite with satiety. Nausea after eating. Belching putrid. Painful stomach cramps.
16 - () distended belly, sometimes as a circumscribed, aches, constant rumbling and gurgling, and repeated noisy flatus some relief. Abdomen sore to the touch, especially around the navel.
Intense pain in the belly with copious hot sweats that some relief. Sudden spike in the stomach, extended to the pelvis, impeding breathing.
17 Pressure in the rectum as if to leave. Urgent desire to defecate.
Soft stools and inadequate early morning, low and hard.
18 Constant pressure in the bladder and urethra painful. Stitches in the urethra.
Frequent and copious urination. Enuresis.
19 - () Pressure in the uterus, as if everything would fall outside the pelvis.
Spasmodic drawing as labor pains from the womb to the sacrum, as if the menses come. Vulva red, sore and burning. Menses delayed and very weak, pale blood. Acute metritis, puerperal especially with bright uterine and pelvic pain. Copious flow of mucus pale, worse walking.
20 tickling and irritation in the left side of the larynx, which causes coughing. Stitches in larynx, worse from talking. Hoarseness. Frequent sighs.
Oppression. Weakness in the chest. Retrosternal pressure and punctures.
Swelling and pain as if beaten in the left sternoclavicular joint. Tearing in the left pectoralis major to the armpit and arm fatigue and paralysis in the arm.
21 chest pain. Tachycardia. Pulse full, hard and fast.
Tearing 22 of the neck to the shoulder. Punctures, twitching and heat on the right side of the back. Heaviness in sacrum and back.
23 Bruised pains in the limbs, tremors, fatigue.
Paralytic heaviness in the arms, left shoulder, painful. Fatigue in the left arm when it hangs. Tearing in limbs.
Cramps in the leg flexors. Left hip pain while sitting. Tension in the anterior muscles of the thighs as if they were too short. Sense of tightly bound leg when walking.
Cramp in the left sole. Ulcerative pain in ball of left big toe, worse when touched.
24 Yawning, sleepiness, exhaustion. He wakes up abruptly. Insomnia with restlessness, the bed seems hard. Vivid dreams and horrible, with very sweaty legs.
25 Chills in the evening. Heat all over, especially in the head and cheeks. Night sweats, hot and plentiful barely sleeps.
The sweat would increase if rheumatic pains.
26 red skin, bumps hard with violent itching, burning like fire after scratching. Urticaria.