Tips and Diet for healthy skin

There are many natural cosmetic products that are used to improve the appearance of the skin, its functions, or simply to have beautiful skin. However, it must be both a proper diet to achieve or maximize the benefits of natural cosmetics.

The first thing to take into account to achieve the good health of the skin is definitely leave intake of meat or some of these (meat and fish) and make a lacto-ovo-vegetarian where plants of all kinds, eggs and other plant products form the main source of nutrients.

But in addition to practicing a diet for healthy skin is necessary not only to follow this regime it is also necessary to avoid certain toxic, to observe certain precautions and taking certain supplements to skin action. We summarize the observations best suited to get the most from a diet cosmetics.

1 .- The total elimination of alcohol and snuff
You can not pretend to have a beautiful healthy skin or smoking and drinking at the same time due to the amount of toxins we put into our body with these products. Remember that skin is like a third kidney whose function also is to eliminate toxic waste. If we load the body of toxins soiled skin.

2 .- Take sea vegetable products (algae)

For its iodine content, the algae are essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, which produces the hormone thyroxine, responsible for stimulating our metabolism. If the production of thyroxine is deficient can cause the following symptoms: skin cracked and sufficient limp and lifeless hair, obesity, fatigue, sleepiness, etc..

3 .- licking and chewing food thoroughly

Thereby to further digestion and help keep skin smooth.

4 .- Promote and encourage a healthy intestinal flora

This making of probiotics can be substantial. Rich foods also stimulate the population of intestinal bacteria such as yogurt, kefir, sour milks and acidophilus bacteria cultures.

5 .- To stimulate the oxygenation of the lungs

The practice of outdoor sports (gymnastics, walking, etc..) Allow oxygenated blood to the right way and contributes to the beauty of the skin.

6 .- A strengthen nerves

For this you can use magnesium supplements. At the same time increasing the body's defense against skin infections.

7 .- Avoid constipation

One of the fundamental causes of skin disorders. A vegetarian diet is already rich enough in fiber to avoid constipation can supplement the diet with some mild laxative teas or some type of bran diet.

8 .- The use of polyunsaturated fats

Among these we have oils such as corn germ, grape seed, safflower, biolinosol, flax, wheat germ. It is essential to eliminate saturated fats (animal margarines, lard, tallow, butter, etc.).

9 .- Do not eliminate carbohydrates in the diet

If the aim is to lose weight can be reduced but never eliminated. It should replace refined flour carbohydrates for whole grains (wheat, spelled, rye, etc.).. Also instead of using white sugar, use fructose, molasses, syrup sap or honey (to choose).

10 .- Take nutritional supplements useful for the skin

Ente these we may mention the brewer's yeast, wheat germ, soy lecithin, which contain vitamins, minerals, essential nutrients and active ingredients to preserve and enhance the vitality and freshness of the skin.

11 .- stimulate liver function

For this you can use tea or artichoke extract liver by activating content cinarina liver function and thus promotes detoxification of the body.

All the above could mean 80% of beauty and skin health, the other 20% can achieve through the use of natural cosmetic products among which we highlight Paymani Mahnaz products for its great content of vitamin E and zinc and without allergic or chemical components.

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