Tongo. Homeopathy

(Dipterix Odorata. Tonka bean Tonquin or)
1 Mahuumor. Aversion to work and to the conversation. Confusion, as if intoxicated.
2 Worse, at rest and while sitting.
3 confusion of head at occiput, with drowsiness. Cephalic heaviness, worse when standing up from a squatting position. Headache worse on entering a room or laugh, better for making vinegar. Throbbing headache especially left side. Tearing supraorbital heat in the head and tearing.
4 Burning and dryness in the eyes when reading the evening. Tension, twitching and trembling of the eyelids, but in the upper right.
Earache tearing 5.
6 coryza with violent sneezing and nasal obstruction at night. Pains in the root of the nose, with sneezing and coughing.
7 facial pallor with red cheeks. Unilateral facial neuralgia.
8 Toothache tearing, the molars but, worse pressure, improving the vinegar. Bleeding gums. Sialorrhea watery. He scratched his throat.
9 - () Belching or regurgitation with a bitter taste.
10, sharp burning pains in hypochondria. Movements and stabs in the belly.
11 diarrhea with tenesmus, followed by excessive sensitivity in the womb.
Hard stools that removes much effort.
12 Urine scanty, light white wine with white sediment or mucus.
Urine sediment color red clay.
Menses 13 advanced. Flow walking, or vaginal discharge thick mucus to make efforts to defecate.
14 Hoarseness, with burning in larynx. Pain and burning at the side of the chest.
15 Dolores lumbar tenderness too.
Tearing 16 in left hip joint, at 17 hours, best massages; in thigh and left knee, better by pressure.
Needle-like stitches in the ball of right thumb, after dinner.