Toxoplasma gondii. Homeopathy

Toxoplasma gondii
(or Toxoplasminum; Prepared with the parasite lysate)
It is a nosode. There are homeopathic pathogenesis, clinical data only (Pathogenesis clinic).
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Toxoplasma gondii
1 agitation and hyperactivity alternating with depression and anxiety.
2 - () psychomotor retardation in children.
General Symptoms of Toxoplasma gondii
3 - () In all cases of toxoplasmosis. In generalized toxoplasmosis in patients with medication inmunusupresora. In congenital toxoplasmosis.
Cancerino States.
4 - () Children with growth retardation, with a tendency to repeat nasopharyngitis. Embryopathy. Seizures in children.
5 - () isolated peripheral lymphadenopathy, persistent, non-suppurative, accompanied by persistent fatigue.
SPECIAL Toxoplasma gondii
Intense headache 6, intolerable, with hypertonia. Meningoencephalitis with drowsiness, numbness and convulsions, especially in infants. Lifoncitaria acute meningitis in children. Hydrocephalus. Encephalitis with psychic disorders, seizures and meningeal stiffness.
7 - () Iridocyclitis. Optic neuritis. Simple chorioretinitis or uveitis.
8 hepatomegaly with moderate increase in bilirubin. Diffuse abdominal pain, periumbilical sometimes. Mesenteric adenitis.
9 - () Tendency to abortions, particularly in the first trimester spontaneous and repetition. Menses advanced.
10 atypical pneumonia.
11 - () chest pain, with: palpitations, dyspnea, orthopnea, cough. Tachycardia, sometimes arrhythmia, gallop sound with systolic murmur. Crisis polipneicas night. Left ventricular hypertrophy and overload. Rhythm disturbances or conduction: fibrillation, locking arms, extrasystoles. Cardiomegaly family. Myocarditis.
Arthritis 12. Myositis. Hemiplegia. Paraplegics.
13 - () In adults, hypothermia with impairment of general condition, macular papular, bone and joint and muscle pains, with cervical lymphadenopathy. Infectious mononucleosis syndrome in children, with sub-fever state, adenopatia discrete eosinophilia and negative reaction of Bunnel Davidson. Septicemia neonatal jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly, and morbilliform rashes or purple.
Pityriasis Rosea 14. Maculopapular or vesicular rash.