Trace elements: Properties

What is a trace element?
The trace elements or trace elements are micronutrients, ie nutrients the body requires in very small quantities but are essential to health and proper functioning of vital processes, formation of enzymes and coenzymes. Trace elements are minerals found on earth and that we obtain through food.

The importance of trace elements
The essentiality of these micronutrients has not been able yet to be tested in all but some trace elements have been already revealed to be essential, to objectify the clinical symptoms caused by their lack.

The daily requirement for trace elements with proven essentiality (RDA) have been established by the Food Nutrition Board in the United States. These requirements, according to various studies, are not normally supplied by the diet in much of the population. This situation contributes lack widespread mineral impoverishment of farmland and the increase of the daily needs of some of them resulting from the heavy pollution in urban environments, and snuff the habit of over-consumption of sugars in Western countries.

The confirmation of the importance of trace elements, until recently unknown, and his extended absence has prompted scientific studies, both in physiological aspects in their possible relationship to disease processes. Chromium, for example, is involved in the synthesis of GTF (factor glucose tolerance) and anti-cancer activities, protective immunity. Zinc participates in the mechanisms of insulin secretion and reproductive functions.

Given the interest of these substances, many studies have been conducted in order to observe its action, ruling out possible toxic effects and know what the most appropriate forms of administration. In all cases it is found that the trace elements provided in the form of organic foods are much more effective to perform its functions in the body and no toxic effects.

Thus, the need to provide well-assimilated and effective trace elements, has led to its administration through enriched yeast.

Yeasts have been exposed as one of the best vehicles to provide trace elements. The yeast cultures in rich media with one of these substances induce mineral processing of inorganic to organic form by binding to an amino acid trace element contents in yeast. This biological process of organification trace makes it much more absorbable in the intestine. This has been shown in multiple studies with chromium and selenium in relation to their metabolic and anti-cancer effects.

What kind of Trace choose?
In order to obtain maximum absorption of trace elements should be:
* Presented in liquid form.
* No preservatives are to obtain.
* The gluconate are best absorbed.
* The concentration must be low, since only be controlled enzymatic processes and not to cover deficiency states

How to use the Trace
Trace elements are:
* Take on an empty stomach or 15 minutes before or 2 hours after meals.
* Keep under tongue for about 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing.

If we consider that the trace elements are used at very low concentrations, there is never danger of accumulation in the body or poisoning.

Some trace elements have a slight metallic taste, is the price of its effectiveness.

Can young children and pregnant women treated with Trace?
By low concentrations of trace elements catalysts have no side effects known.

Everyone can take them, even infants, pregnant women and elderly.

Do they act quickly trace elements?
In acute diseases, trace elements are very quick action, and that enhance the body's defenses.

They are also effective in chronic diseases, acting on the patient and how they react.

Properties and indications of Trace Elements
Can be taken when suffering a functional disorder. Among the most common disorders are:
* Allergies and food intolerances.
* Eczema, acne, skin problems in general.
* Migraines and headaches.
* Premenstrual syndrome and disorders of menopause.
* Prevention of repeated infections such as otitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, cystitis, etc..
* ILI.
* Fatigue, convalescence, lack of energy.
* Circulatory disorders, digestive.
* Disorders of the Elderly.
* Irritability, nervousness, insomnia.

Can I self-medicate with Trace?
In Oligoterapia dose and duration of treatment may vary from one person to another, so that self-medication is not recommended. It must therefore be left to advise of a health professional. Besides the Oligoterapia is a supplementary and preventive therapy. It should not replace required medical treatment. In cases of diabetes, and hypertension-restricted diets, the recommended doses are not significant.


A.N.E.T. National Association of Trace Elements.

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