Treatment of diseases with chemical medicine drug

In the first part of this section we were considering the definition of health and illness, and point of view these as the cause of Natural Medicine, the Homotoxicology and hygiene.

Now let's focus on the two different types of treatments, with different philosophies, trying to eliminate the disease.

In the larger scheme will analyze how treatment of disease with clinical or allopathic medicine based on an arsenal of chemical medicines.

We will consider from the standpoint of hygiene and homotoxicology. The graph is a mixture of these two points of view and see that are perfectly complementary.

In this chart we've added:

1 - horizontal red line that runs through the rectangles, representing the cutting biological, ie passing diseases from one phase to a phase humoral cell. You will see that while consistent with the tolerance threshold of two rectangles do not have anything to do, or not necessarily connected one with another.

2 - red line Under the term "humoral phases"

3 - Above the red line the term "cellular phase"

This means that from the point of homotoxicology with Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg in the lead, the diseases can be in two phases of development: humoral or cellular.

Humoral diseases are those that are circulating homotoxins humors of the body without actually damaging the cells or organ tissues, and when the body does not have the ability to eliminate naturally occurring diseases, "acute" in an effort to debugged. Examples of these diseases are "Strep" "rhinitis" gastritis "and many more all ending in" itis "in general. All these diseases are favorable prognosis.

Within these phases is humoral phase deposition, that is, if you can not eliminate toxins, the body deposits them in any area. Examples of these are "cysts", "hemorrhoids", "uterine fibroids", "cholesterol", etc..

All this is a very brief explanation because we have to take account of embryonic tissue that occurs in this reaction or deposition.

According homotoxicology if we do not treat the disease or humoral phases we are going to achieve is to transform a mobile phase. At this rate of humoral to cellular phase is what we call "cutting biological" and this happens due to vicar progressive. In this phase we all called chronic and degenerative diseases, which of course there are degrees of severity. These diseases are already doubtful prognosis.

Hygienist will demonstrate exactly what homotoxicology, only not as "scientific" is simpler and easier to understand for a novice but with the same depth or forceful in their conclusions.

And although homotoxicology not like being called "alternative medicine" but an "alternative medicine", as their approaches are entirely scientific, but the philosophy behind his teaching is exactly the same thing for centuries Natural Medicine has shown. Homotoxicology could say that has given a more scientific natural medicine but did not want that getting into the same box as many natural disciplines, because demean the scientific level of its conclusions.

Remember homotoxicológicos mainly medicines are called "homeopathy 2nd generation" that is what he has used traditional homeopathy (plus many new additions) are just in decimal dilutions with different degrees of dilution by mixing in some of their drugs . As you can see the entire course deserve Homotoxicology part by its philosophy and treatments and this is neither the place nor the appropriate time to address an issue so profound.

Explanation of the chart.
In the first box we found an acute illness (reaction phase) because the toxins have passed the threshold of tolerance ( "thermostat"). What happens if we treat the disease with chemical allopathic medicines? These hide the symptoms and eliminate the organic reaction. Why eliminate the symptoms and people have the feeling that this medicine has cured? Because what the agency has done has been adapted to the inhibition of the reaction by raising the threshold of tolerance toxemic. In other words you think you are cured, but it is not the cause of the disease (toxins, homotoxins) still with you.

If you look at the chart in the third rectangle toxins continue to rise, as they do not change our habits. Because of this again have the same symptoms before or even worse. Before maybe we had a skin eczema and asthma appears to us now. The disease has worsened from a stage of reaction (humoral) to a phase impregnation (cell) and changing of embryonic tissue. We have crossed the biological cut. The situation is becoming chronic.

And not that we are we who we say, Dr. Maria M. Bleker concerned about this issue in his book "The anonymous friend" the enemy or stranger? "Says:" Our current therapeutic leads to many chronic conditions. Arriving with dignity in old age will become increasingly difficult. "Moreover, it provides the following information:" in 1870 ... for every 2,500 Germans scored a case of cancer in 1955 and scored a case of cancer every five or six Germans. Today diagnose a cancerous or precancerous case for every two or three Germans. Certainly medicine is failing.

Well, at this rate of phase to phase, more and more serious, is what Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg called progressive vicariación.

As shown in the chart, the situation is maintained over time leading to an accumulation of homotoxins until we reach a point of irreversible or degenerative disease. We die poisoned.
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