Treatment of heart disease with allopathic medicine chemistry

Following are some of the medicines chemical allopathic medicine used to combat heart disease (heart disease) or the circulatory system.

To prevent or control coronary heart disease or other related diseases will need to change lifestyle, diet and using nutritional supplements. Many people when they want to start a therapy with natural medicine for years have been taking any of these medicines and chemicals to ask if we can stop them because it is already better or to avoid the side effects that have many of these drugs.

In some cases you need to continue with some of these drugs until the body regains its normal thanks to the above changes. Always necessary that the prescribing doctor and decide whether or not it is necessary to keep taking them or if they can lower the dose.

Drugs for heart disease

*Antiplatelet medications such as aspirin, prevent the formation of blood clots, which helps keep arteries free of blockages in those cases already conducted a coronary revascularization (bypass), or some other intervention to open arteries and angioplasty.

*Anticoagulants reduce the risk of blood clots in the heart, veins or arteries, which could be extremely dangerous because they block the blood flow can cause a heart attack or stroke.

*Digitalis glycosides cause the heart to contract more strongly and thus are used when pumping capacity is located. Also, are used to reduce certain types of fast heart rhythms.

*The inhibitors of angiotensin converting (ACE inhibitors in English) prevents the production of a chemical that causes narrowing of blood vessels. These drugs control high blood pressure and, after a heart attack, help the heart pump blood more efficiently. Sometimes also given to people with heart failure, a condition that prevents the heart to pump enough blood to meet the requirements of the organism.

*Beta blockers slow the pulse and strength of heart contractions, which lowers blood pressure, so the heart performs less effort. Are used to control high blood pressure, relieve angina and prevent attacks.

*Nitrates (nitroglycerin) relax blood vessels and relieve angina.

*Calcium channel blockers relax blood vessels. Used to treat high blood pressure and angina.

*Diuretics reduce the amount of fluid in the body, are used to treat high blood pressure.

*The cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL, or what is colloquially called "bad") cholesterol in the blood.

*Thrombolytic agents are drugs that are administered when a heart attack occurs to dissolve the clot that has formed in the coronary artery to restore blood flow.

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