Trifolium pratense. Homeopathy

(Trebol de los Prados or red clover)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS of Trifolium pratense
1 Confusion of mind tomorrow. Forgetfulness.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Trifolium pratense
2 - () According to some authors, delay the evolution of cancerous tumors and improves the patient's general condition. Prevent the cancer to fester. Once
which leads to ulceration, iene no effect.
3 Down: in a closed room, after sleeping. Better: open air.
SPECIAL of Trifolium pratense
4 intense headache morning on waking. Head feels full of blood.
Intermittent headache. Stunning in the forebrain. Stitches in the forehead. Cradle cap, dry scaly.
5 eyes sore and heavy.
6 - () Secretion increased nasal mucus or watery, with much irritation. Coryza hay.
7 - () sensitive oral mucosa. Intense salivation.
8 - () Congestion and fullness or swelling of the salivary glands, the parotid especialmnente with copious drooling. Mumps.
9 A lot of mucus in the throat, trying to expel.
Sore throat, as if burned. Pain that runs through the uvula and does Agrimar.
Intense thirst 10. Hiccups.
Frequent Abdominal cramping 11.
12 - () Very constipated with hard stools, covered mucosidados, and each time you evacuate, leave a few drops of dark blood, accompanied by a sense of bearing down, like a prolapsed rectum.
Urine copious 13. Urinary frequency after urination. Discomfort in the kidney region and around the urinary tree.
14 - () Dryness and irritation in the trachea that causes incessant dry cough, try to clear his throat, as if a foreign body. Dyspnea better outdoors. Night whooping cough, or pertussis; chills at night with coughing, aggravated outdoors. Cough with hoarseness, drooling, and, with expectoration. Sensation of chest full of blood after noon. Feel the chest tightness or oppression when lying. Feeling that breathes hot air.
15 Pulse slow and irregular, or fast and full.
Stiff neck 16. Cramps in the sternocleidomastoid, better heat and massage, with the cough.
17 Tingling in left arm and palm. Cold hands and feet. Tibial ulcers in the elderly, with scales. Rheumatic pain in the foot.
18 When waking in the morning he feels as if he had not slept.
19 Fever with cold hands and feet and head warm.
20 - () Impetigo with dry scabs and flakes