Trillium pendulum. Homeopathy

(Root of Labor, White and Purple varieties)
1 Melanie sadly, with aversion to any conversation. Irritable.
Trouble with 2 great agitation, and spinning or walking from one side to another, it is impossible to keep still.
3 - () One of the important drugs on bleeding, active or passive, with congestion of the organ or region affected, blood, bright red, copious, but especially abundant or least motion stream, or standing or lying, with great weakness, faintness, fainting or syncopal tendency, accompanied or followed by pallor, dizziness, ringing in the ears, darkening of vision, anxiety and high anxiety, palpitations, weak and rapid pulse, cold extremities and thirst for cold water , especially epistaxis, hemoptysis, hematemesis, hematuria, but, above all, menorrhagia and metrorrhagia.
4 - () Worst: sitting upright, for the slightest movement; after dinner. Better: for outdoor exercise; still heavily bandaged or tight or snug (sore hip), leaning forward. Left sided.
5 Sensation of tingling in his veins.
Desire and aversion OF TRILLIUM PENDULUM
6 Gran desire ice water.
7 Vertigo, especially upon arising in the morning. Dull pain in the left temple, worse sound. Frontal headache better bending forward, is back to straighten. Headache worse by the slightest noise, walking or coughing. Feel hot head and face.
8 Pain in the eyeballs, it feels very big and like to go out or fall over the orbits. Burning in the corner of the eye, with profuse watery. Vision blurred or altered, everything appears blue.
9 - () Epistaxis abundant, passive, bright red.
10 - () Bleeding from the cavity after the extraction of a tooth, bleeding gums. Oily sensation on the tongue and gums. Taste putrid, especially upon arising in the morning. Copious salivation.
11 - () Aversion to everything except the ice water. Heat and burning sensation in the stomach, which moves up the esophagus. Feeling of emptiness or languor in the stomach. Hematemesis. Gastralgias or severe cramping. Improve gastric symptoms after eating since the morning.
12 Belly swollen, with the feeling that the abdominal contents is directed backward, against the column. Weakness of the abdominal wall with a feeling of languor or emptiness. Lancinating pains in the belly from front to back, forcing him to lean forward. Great flatulence with rumbling.
13 - () Dysentery, when stool is almost pure blood. Intestinal bleeding. Watery diarrhea, watery, blood taken, painless. Constipation followed by diarrhea, watery and fetida. Diarrhea chronic mucosanguinolentas.
14 - () Hematuria. Chronic catarrh of the bladder. Diabetes. Sharp cutting pains in urethra when urinating. Copious urine smell strong and unpleasant. Urinary dribbling in the postpartum period.
15 Itching in the male genitals, worse from scratching.
16 - () uterine bleeding caused by a threatened abortion (especially in the third month), or before or during or after childbirth, or menopause or movements or uterine fibroids. Menses copious, true menorrhagia, every two weeks, and lasting a week or more especially if there was previously trying too hard and after a very long car ride; of bright red blood with clots, which is aggravated by the more minimum motion and always with great faintness and weakness, besides the symptoms already mentioned (see 3). Metrorrhagia active bright red or dark, sometimes with clots, profuse, profusely. In all uterine bleeding Trillium, the key symptom that allows the precise is a very peculiar feeling as if the hips and sacrum would break or are broken into pieces or beaten, as if the sacroiliac joint was distended as if the bones of the pelvis were broken, the patient feels the need to be well contained the area and asks them to do there for a tight bandage. Copious flow, exhausting, yellow, stringy. Heavy and prolonged lochia; suddenly become bloodshot.
17 - () Sensation as if a crumb of bread in the larynx that produces a continuous cough. Hemoptysis: the incipient tuberculosis, with bloody sputum, in the late stages, with copious purulent expectoration and cough very troublesome. Pain in the tip of the sternum. Dyspnoea, with the feeling that the chest is very tight, preventing it from expanding. Attacks of suffocation with irregular breathing and sneezing. Chest pains.
18 Palpitations with great anxiety.
19 Cramp-like pains in the muscles of the arms and legs.
Pain in the right shoulder to the hand extended. Cramp-like pains in the fingers when writing.
20 Insomnia; turns in bed. Sleep interrupted by many dreams: with festivities, which travels in a sleigh, and so on.
21 It feels feverish during stomach pains, but, in passing, is a copious perspiration.
22 hot, dry skin, itching and burning, worse from scratching.
Calcarea phos.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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