Triosteum. Homeopathy

(T. perfoliatum. False Ipecac. Herb of Foot)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Triosteum
1 - () Grand cheerfulness, happiness, followed by depression. Dullness and sleepiness, with aversion to their occupations. Any mental activity it requires great effort and you feel exhausted, can not concentrate.
2 - () It feels isolated, and best when alone. Irritated by noise, worse in the evening, is furious and costs controlled. Tendency to quarrel, it is very argumentative.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Triosteum
3 Down: Early morning (at 3, 4, 5 and 7 pm), evening and night, after sleeping or waking, lying down, or turning over in bed or standing on it or getting up, for the motion, heat, cold drinks. Better: rest, for the open air cold drink when alone.
4 Pain in whole body. Sensacion needle prick it all over when you have a fever or is heated. Sudden fatigue at 2 and at 16 hours.
SPECIFIC Triosteum
5 - () Dizziness on getting up at midnight. Pressive headache, deaf, in the temples, forehead and right occiput, worse from warmth, better by pressure and outdoors. Needle punctures in the left orbit. Painful sensitiveness of the scalp and hair to touch.
6 - () Eyes aching, burning hot and worse on closing. Left eye was swollen, red and hot. Irritated eyelids, worse on the right, with shaking on that side. Tearing.
Earache constant 7 in left ear, with secretion. Ringing in the ears, worse lying down. Itching periauricular.
8 - () coryza with thick nasal discharge, greenish, with sneezing. Ozena.
Nasal dryness. Continued pain at the root of the nose. Right maxillary sinus pains, tenderness of the left side of the face. Epistaxis smelling blood in the nose.
9 - () Cleft lip. Dry lips.
10 Dry mouth, like parchment, hot. Painful sores. Bitter taste. Pain in the upper teeth. Tongue white and swollen.
11 - () Pain and irritation in the throat of night waking. Painful left tonsil. Red throat with feeling of constriction. Tingling sensation in the throat to cough. Any improvement taking cold drinks, although swallowing is painful.
12 - () Sensation of hunger pain, worse at 11 am and dusk. Epigastric pain spread to the chest and throat. Aversion to food. Sed.
Nausea on rising, immediately followed by copious vomiting very acid, with intense stomach cramps. Beating and oppression in the epigastrium.
Belching after drinking milk.
13 - () distended belly full of gas. Colicos worse in the right nostril and in the epigastrium. Sharp pain in left groin. The pains are worse in evening and pressure. Heat and pain on the right side of the belly.
14 - () Constipation with great efforts to evacuate hard stools and small, followed by diarrhea and foul flatus. Watery diarrhea, frothy and colorless, followed by exhaustion and numbness in limbs iferiores. Cutting pains in the rectum, worse when straining at stool and after.
Burning anal rectal itching at night.
15 - () Frequent urination. Urine ammonia smell.
16 Download sleeping semen without erection.
17 - () appearance of irregular menses, delayed or advanced.
Delayed and prolonged menstruation, painful, scanty.
18 - () Hoarseness, worse in speaking and outdoor. Tingling in the back of the throat, constriction, and coughing. Laryngeal irritation Dry cough, worse in the evening, after dinner and a warm room. Asthma.
19 - () pressive precordial pain, predominantly in the retrosternal region, thoracic constriction, worse lying on left side, emotion and effort, extended to the left shoulder blade, accompanied by premature, especially marked on waking and 8 hours. Pulse slow and weak.
20 - () Painful stiffness of the back. Pain in the coccyx. Pain in the neck and occiput, with sweat and stiff with cold and feet. Rheumatic pain in back when bending over.
21 - () stiffness in all joints, worse lying down. Widespread pain in the limbs and bones. Throbbing and burning pains in the right axilla with lymphadenopathy. Cramps in the shoulder and right arm, both lower limbs and fingers of his right hand. Shoulder pain from lying on the right. Stiffness in the lower limbs at the knees when wanting to get out. Pain in right knee.
Calf sleeping. Punctures in plants. Cold feet.
22 - () Insomnia. Drowsiness, and can not sleep after midnight.
23 - () fever with hot skin increased thirst. Sweats and widespread.
24 - () Itching in the whole body, especially the feet, scalp, palms with dry eruptions. Itchy soles of the feet at night and in bed. Erythematous eruption on the legs, back, scrotum and the inside of the thighs. Brown spots. Peel the skin of the belly.
Hyperesthesia of the skin with copious sweat, worse at night and exercise.
Vesicles on the forehead, chest and right arm. Great nocturnal itching with hives all over.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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