Trombidium. Homeopathy

(Red mite of the house fly)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Trombidium
Talkative from day 1. Tendency to contradict. Restlessness.
2 Unable to connect ideas. Forgetfulness. Yawn.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Trombidium
3 - () Worse: to drink or eat (key symptom is great), by pressure, by shaking his head, by moving, after stool. Better: evening; outdoors.
4 It fainted when he stood up in bed or rising from a chair. Weakness.
SPECIFIC Trombidium
5 - () Head bewildered before noon. Congestion cephalic evening, with red face and ears. Head light. Dizziness when she has to get out of bed. Headache in temples, forehead or side of head, worse when shaken and walking. Intolerable itching in vertex and occiput.
6 sets red. Tearing outdoors. Itching in the inner corner of eye, at 21 hours.
7 earache, but on the right side, worse when swallowing or blowing the nose.
Itching in the ears after getting up.
Nasal Obstruction to 8 feet. Coryza and mucous secretion when eating outdoors. Nose dry evening, with crusts. Epistaxis of morning and after noon.
9 - () Itching sideburns and chin, worse at night.
10 - () Toothache on waking, after breakfast until noon, in the evening by reading aloud, worse lying down, eating, talking and cold air, better from warm drinks. Tongue white.
11 Sore throat right.
Anorexia 12. Belching after meals, with food taste. Vomiting after breakfast. Gastralgia after dinner.
13 - () Pain in the liver, worse from touch and pressure. Flatulent distension of abdomen. Pain in the splenic flexure of the colon, flatulence, by a cold bath or cold or sugar abuse, worse eating or drinking immediately before or after stool (with or without diarrhea). Subsequently, there are severe intestinal cramps or pain, but left with urgent diarrhea that relieves pain, but there is tenesmus, anal prolapse and burning, this situation appears and is updated every time you eat or drink something. The pains extend from the splenic flexure to the sigmoid and rectum, and they are aggravated by pressure.
14 - () Diarrhea postprandial painful, urgent, preceded by colic and intestinal * smells, when they reach great intensity, with sweating, with effort and expulsion of flatus and, with shivering or chills in the back, followed by tenesmus, prolapse anal, anal burning and great weakness (most in the knees), with relief of stomach upsets, but the box reappears or worsens every time she eats or drinks, worse fruit or sugary foods, the stool is brown and liquid. Dysentery.
Constipation sometimes following diarrhea. Stitch up the left side of the anus.
Hoarseness 15. Cough from irritation of the throat. Pains in the lower chest. Beats around the thorax.
16 chest pain, worse on deep breathing. Tachycardic pulse, and full, or intermittent.
17 - () Rheumatic pain in shoulders, arms, knees and heart. Heaviness and joint and bone pains in the limbs, sometimes erratic. Pain in the left hip when rising from a chair, better after a few steps.
18 constant yawning, drowsiness. Restless sleep. He wakes up at 4, with concern. Dreams.
Chills to 19 at night, worse morning on waking. Fever after noon, with throbbing in the arteries occipital headaches and pain and sacrum.