Tuberculinum. Homeopathy

TUBERCULINUM (TK Tuberculin Roch. Obtained from a culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis)
1 - () Very strong desire to travel or wander, is cosmopolitan, can not stay long in one place or city. This is, essentially, by his nature or changing or variable temperament that makes you like the changes of environments, landscapes, people, etc..
2 - () is classic fear of dogs (and other animals such as cats), very sharp and fear as if something were to happen, and a general exacerbation of the fear of awakening. Fear before going to the doctor or dentist.
3 - () In children, there are mental rather prominent features: anxiety, difficulty in thinking and understanding, irritability (or tolerate that look), stubbornness, restlessness, impudence, and they are screaming, especially sleeping.
4 - () Marked irritability on waking, especially in the morning, nothing satisfied him or satisfy him. Easily offended, it is susceptible. Threat, tries to break things, sometimes to bang his head against the wall or other objects or things, yells, swears, curses, is stubborn, resentful or vindictive, destructive.
5 - () His temperament, besides changing is alternating characterological going from one extreme to its opposite is cheerful and happy or melancholic, sad and plaintive, wailing easily (by the lower case) or crying just spoken to; is soft sweet or become irritable or loud, is very sluggish (with great aversion to work) or, conversely, very industrious and hardworking, is taciturn, and become talkative (but with fever), passing quickly from one topic to another or talking nonsense.
6 - () always live hopeful, hopeful, even in situations of health that can not justify them.
7 - () Intellectually, he has difficulty in thinking and understanding, is as stunning or dull. This worse by mental exertion and may reach the present intellectual overwork disorders. Memory is weak, especially to remind people, or what you just said or is about to say.
Idiocy, especially if the patient yells shrilly. Confusion walking outdoors. You can, however, in other patients, have great mental clarity, or a tendency to have persistent thoughts especially at night.
8 - () Hypersensitive to noise. The best for music, has an extraordinary sensitivity to the music.
9 - () Everything in the room seems strange, as if in a strange place. Sudden impulse to run. Delirium with insomnia. Anxiety in evening and before midnight, during fever and headache. Pictures of insanity.
10 - () Moaning during seizures. Cries sleeping.
11 - () In people with personal or family history of tuberculosis, or have been in contact more or less prolonged, or living with any chronic coughers tuberculous or suspect, even many years ago or in childhood. Perhaps the most common reason for prescribing Tuberculinum, especially in those cases, whatever the enfennedad by a patient, when the well selected remedy fails to relieve or cure permanently.
12 - () Takes cold (or cold) with great ease, without knowing when or how or where, would seem to be cold "with each breath some fresh air" (Allen). It ends a cold when he is beginning another.
13 - () The symptoms are always changing; disorders affect an organ, then another the lungs, brain, kidney, liver, stomach, nervous system, starting and stopping abruptly. Pains are essentially variable, changeable, erratic, and usually begin and end suddenly.
14 - () presents a progressive weight loss, rapid and strong, even feeling well and often, despite eating a lot, and so hungry to be up at night to eat. Thinning in kid-sized children.
In general, the thinning will be accompanied by a progressive weakness or fatigue, a weariness so terrible, especially from the knees down, that just lets you walk, exhausted by the smallest drive. The weakness is especially produced or aggravated by sweating, especially at night, and often flare with a constant desire to change places, because it is not comfortable anywhere.
15 - () Worse from cold, damp cold, the cold bath, entering a cold place, for weather changes, especially cold to heat or heat and room general, for the moisture before storms; for the efforts or the slightest exertion; of morning or evening, in bed, at the beginning of sleep, and night after 3 hours in a closed room, stopped, after dinner. Better: heat of bed, walking fast, for the movement, at rest, in the open, with a strong desire for fresh air, in need of having the doors and windows open or that of the wind. Left sided.
16 - () Especially useful for individuals mentally active and precocious, but physically weak, usually (not always) weak, and often curved.
17 - () with a degree unusual Adenopat