Tuberculinum residuum. Homeopathy

(TR obtained from cultures of human and bovine strains of tubercle bacilli that are subjected to successive freezing and thawing to lyse the bacillary bodies, then centrifuging, shaking, and finally filtering and obtaining the final residue).
Clinical data by Hahnemannian pathogenesis OAJullan in 1960 61.
TUBERCULINUM mental symptoms of residuum
1 - () Despondent, dejected, depressed, sad.
2 - () at all morbid events that occur periodically and are accompanied by a marked predominance of fibrous tissue in old tuberculosis or tuberculin, as fibrocondro osteomesenquimatosas sclerosis, which preferentially settle in joints and fascia.
3 - () Joint pain drawing in all joints, with sensation of stiffness that are worse on awakening or after prolonged bed rest or by the first movements, and to continue moving better without being changed by the outside temperature. Ankylosis progressive joint deformity. Rheumatism or arthritis deformans.
4 - () Especially suitable for people dye pale gray to pale or pale lilac, lower lip cracked in all its extension.
5 - () Worse by prolonged rest. Better: lying down on motion, for physical exercise outdoors.
6 - () Slimming despite a normal appetite. Extreme fatigue desire to sleep.
7 - () Heaviness in the skull, in need of fresh air and disturbed vision.
8 has to raise his eyebrows to see clearly.
9 - () Lower lip cracked or cracked by small vertical fissures in all its extension; cleft lip in the outer third.
Bleeding Gums 10.
11 - () Heaviness and gastric distension after meals. Heartburn, belching and regurgitation with an acrid, burning liquid.
12 easy and copious stools.
13 low strong smelling urine.
Tironcantes Dull and 14 in the ovaries.
15 - () Dry cough with dyspnea. Scarce and difficult expectoration. Stitches in the sides of the thorax. Pulmonary tuberculosis in the stage of fibrosis or calcification.
16 - () back pain worse on movement. Acne on the back.
17 - () Shoulders sore, stiff, with limited and difficult movements.
Fascial and ligamentous contractures. Shrinkage of the palmar aponeurosis (Bar.C., Luesinum). Deformarte rheumatism joint deformities or in any joint, large or small, but particularly in the fingers. Articular nodules. Dilated veins in the legs.
Heaviness and leg cramps.
18 - () Dry skin, unhealthy-looking. Acne tuberosa, especially in the back and shoulders.