Turnips, Orange, Medlar, Nuts

Turnips: It's not as nutritious as other vegetables. Menus is very useful in obesity. It is detoxifying and diuretic. If not very tender may lead to intestinal and kidney disorders. Is good for diabetics for their little carbohydrate. Instead it contains more calcium salts that other roots.

Oranges: Contains 58% of alkaline salts. It is detoxifying, diuretic, antiseptic, intestinal and urinary antiseptic, improves bowel function and providing plenty of vitamins, which give strength and energy. So agree to properties around the world and especially the liver, constipation, diabetes, uraemic, gouty. Also in cardiopathies Sclerosis as well as property and domestic cleaning while providing vitamins and minerals.

Nisperos: They are juicy and sweet. Is purified and enhanced the elimination of toxic substances. In juice is effective against diarrhea, dysentery and blood flow.

Nuts: Has a 58% acid salts. As the fats are good food and a great source of calories. Are good for diabetics. For its wealth of manganese, apparently stimulates the pituitary gland. It has laxative and vermifuge action. For his volalites acids can irritate the lining of the mouth and digestive tract, so you must not consume a large quantity. Some people may not digest well for the same reason and for its fat.

*Automatic Translation