Ultracomplex - OBH. Nutritional supplements

ROYAL JELLY, WHEAT GERM, POLLEN, enriched with all minerals, amino acids and vitamins, which proportionally need humans. Complex vitamins 120 capsules

These nutritional elements privileged. Including these products in our diet are numerous advantages nutritious diet, as well as prevention of certain nutritional deficiencies.
Because of its richness in essential elements, is important from the qualitative standpoint, by the association of its components and the synergistic action of the same, so that his administration is indicated in cases of nutritional deficiencies, especially in children, athletes and ancianos.Un balanced set of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acid plays a critical role in cell regeneration.

It is recommended in case of intellectual fatigue, prevent arteriosclerosis, when cholesterol is high, depression, intestinal disorders or digestive and under any circumstances in which it is necessary to increase the supply of nutrients.

Two random examples of nutrients:
Tyrosine (precursor of norepinephrine) is recommended when the endogenous levels are low as a supplement in doses of 50 mg / d in cases of stress, fatigue, improving cognitive function, improving memory and mood.

Glutamine is a nutrient for enterocytes and is indicated in cases of leaky gut and food intolerances. We recommend also to alleviate symptoms of arthritis, aging, hormonal imbalance and combat constipation (in addition to the increased fiber and hydration). Doses between 500 mg / d and 4000 mg / d. (For more comprehensive information of various nutrients cf. bibliography).

Especially indicated for:
- Deficiency states by inadequate diets or diseases that impair the assimilation normal nutrients.
- States in which the body requires a greater supply of vitamins: pregnancy, growth, chronic infections, bleeding, anemia, etc..
The regularity and continuity in decision-ULTRACOMPLEX are essential to achieve good results. His tolerance is excellent, thanks to the biological origin of their ingredients.
It can be taken with fruit or cereal for breakfast, sprinkled over the salad, juice, yogurt, soy drinks, oatmeal, rice, etc..

How to use:
From 2 to 6 capsules a day.

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