Uranium nit. Homeopathy

(Or uranium nitrate Uranyl)
1 Mal mood and depression, worse in the morning on rising.
2 - () Great emaciation despite eating a lot. Malaise and fatigue all day, especially on waking or getting out of bed.
Feeling of having taken cold.
3 - () step dry skin and mucous membranes.
4 Worse: at night, in the morning on waking and rising. Better: while eating and then, for the inspiration.
HBP 5.
Desire and aversion OF URANIUM NITRICUM
6 Wants: raw ham; of you. Aversion to meat.
Vertigo 7. Frontal or occipital headaches, worse after noon or night, eating better. Head heavy on waking.
8 Stye on the left upper eyelid. Edema of the lower eyelids. The eyelids are swollen, and glued to the morning. Pain from the right orbit to occiput, in the evening. Pain over left eye.
Nasal itching 9. Dry coryza. Left nasal obstruction.
10 - () painless ulcer in the mouth. Saliva acid. Tongue dry.
11 Contractive sensation in the throat. Start up very sticky mucus.
12 - () No appetite during menstruation. Excessive thirst. Voracious appetite and eat a lot though, this thin and weak. Belching tasteless, or rotten. Nausea. Vomiting food or bloody or coffee ground, with heartburn and flatulence. Pains in the cardia, stomach, pylorus or duodenum, biting, terebrantes, gnawing, that improve eating. Gastric or duodenal ulcer with dark or tarry stools, and tenderness in epigastrium. Hematemesis repeated.
13 - () distended abdomen with bowel sounds and flatus. Acute colic.
Peritonitis, with bloating.
Diarrhea 14. Constipation. Pruritus ani. Dark stools or alquitrazadas.
15 - () diabetes with excessive thirst, polyuria and dry tongue, with ravenous hunger, weight loss and fatigue. Diabetes insipidus. Marked polyuria, with frequency. Dark urine or pale milky, or green and fishy.
Acute parenchymatous nephritis, albuminuria. Heavy wetting.
Bedwetting. Bile in urine uric acid. Bladder pain in the evening. Urethral burning acrid urine. Pain when retaining urine.
16 - () complete with wet dreams impotence and genital cold, relaxed, and sweating.
17 Fainting, dizziness, anorexia and outbursts BLOOD in the upper body during menstruation. Excessive secretion of milk.
18 Bronchitis and too much thinning mucous expectoration.
Tuberculosis pumonar. Intermittent pain from the left side of the chest to the tip of the sternum, worse when fasting.
19 lumbar stiffness. Pain at the inferior angle of the scapula izqtierdo worse on deep inspiration.
Vesicles 20 white with red areola, which burn and itch, in the arms and legs.
21 restless sleep, with chills and heat.
22 Epithelioma. Ecchymosis. Lupus excedens.