Uric acid. Symptoms

Definition of uric acid or gout
It consists not only in altering the metabolism of fatty content in the nucleoprotein nuclein but destination abnormal uric acid represents the final product of this metabolism.

Symptoms of uric acid

From a clinical point of view is manifested as acute uric arthritis (acute gout) which feature more or less common, acute gouty access, consisting of painful arthritis affecting one or more joints and chronic uric arthritis (chronic gout) whose main characteristic is the repository of so-called tophi (uric acid concretions precipitate in the bloodstream) in articular and periarticular tissues and deformation of joints or so.

Symptoms of uric acid: acute uric arthritis

The call is typically acute gout accesional as acute gouty access is more or less frequent intervals free of welfare.
The night or the first part of the morning is when they appear gout attacks. Occur abruptly but also often occur after certain warning signs.

Premonitory symptoms of a gout attack
* A certain malaise
* Feeling tired
* Digestive Discomfort
* Slight fever
* A certain discomfort in the joint to suffer an attack

Symptoms of uric acid: uric acute attack of arthritis (gout acute)

* Abrupt onset
* Allocation of the metatarsophalangeal joint of big toe
* Lancinating pain (violent and sharp)
* Redness and swelling of the finger
* Fever and chills
* Headache
* Loss of appetite
* The urine is usually scanty and dark at the beginning and during the attack
* The urine becomes more abundant during the resolution phase of the attack
* Agitation neuropsychologic
* Duration of a few hours
* Repeat the attack the following night with similar symptoms

Symptoms of uric acid: uric attack chronic arthritis (chronic gout)
* The tophi are masses of uric acid precipitate from the blood, which can reach up to the size of a walnut
* They are formed near the joints (especially of the hand along the ligaments and muscle tendons)
* At first they are soft and tender
* Subsequently transformed into painless and very hard (come to calcify)
* If very large tophus may ulcerate
* The opening outside tophi can easily become infected and ooze
* If the disease progresses the joint deforms to very advanced degrees (fingers twisted and shrunken)
* You can get a complete rigidity of the joint

Pathological predisposition
The person with this condition are predisposed to other diseases such as:
* Psoriasis, eczema
* Live and intense itching of the skin
* Caries, alveolar pyorrhea
* Conjunctivitis
* Chronic Colds
* Neuralgia
* Headaches
* Insomnia, etc.

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