Urtica urens (nettle). Homeopathy

Urtica urens
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Urtica urens
1 - () Worse: cold air and humidity, snow, over water or getting wet, by touch, by violent exercise. Laferalidad right.
2 - () Antidote disorders caused by eating shellfish.
SPECIFIC Urtica urens
3 severe dizziness, with a tendency to fall forward. Cephalic fullness.
Headaches are prevalent on the right side of the head, especially frontal, parietal or occipital, sometimes with stitches in the spleen. Urticaria, scalp that appears suddenly.
4 Pain in eyes as from a blow, as if sand in eyes.
5 Burning in the throat, cough with frothy mucus, it causes cough with little expectoration.
Nausea 6. Vomiting by suppression of urticaria.
7 - () Stomach pain when lying and, when pressed, there are noises as if full of water. Liver tumors. Left upper quadrant pain. Affections of the spleen.
8 umbilical pain and diarrhea with tenesmus, stools brown-green, or white or yellowish with blood and mucus, burning in the anus during the deposition and later; hemorrhoids. Anal itching and burning. Ascariasis with large rectal irritation.
9 Anuria several days, with edema especially in the upper body. Bladder hemorrhage. Gravel in the urine.
10 Intense itching of the scrotum, with punctures, which torments him day and night. Swollen scrotum.
11 - () menstrual bleeding. Flow very acrid and excoriating. Intense vulvar itching with punctures and local edema. Great Painful swelling of the breasts, milk secretion absent, removed or disappearing; in hypogalactia or primitive or secondary agalactia during breastfeeding is, perhaps, the first drug to consider. You can stop milk production after weaning.
Pertussis 12. Pain as a blow to the left side of the thorax; intermittent pain in the right side. Hemoptysis strain.
13 pulses accelerated.
14 - () acute gout attacks, which recur every year at the same time, often accompanied by urticaria. Burnett, who was the introducer of this drug in the Materia Medica, as indicated in the attacks in the form of tincture, 5 drops in a glass of warm water every two or three hours, get a quick relief from heavy downloads of urate in the urine, which was becoming dark. Rheumatic pains in arms and ankles, worse on the right. Pain in right deltoid, you can not put the sack on his right arm, worse on lying down or moving, feels bruised muscles can not stretch the aevantar or right arm pain, then the pain goes to the wrist right, then the arm, wrist and fingers of the left side. Arthritic nodules in the joints of the fingers. Red and itchy blisters on hands and fingers. Rheumatism simultaneous with urticaria, or alternating. Rheumatic or gouty pains in a hyperuricaemic with acidic urine with excess urates and whose body gives off a smell urinous, the pains are worse in wet or snowy weather and washing. Rheumatic pains in both ankles.
Sleepiness when reading 15.
16 - () remittent or intermittent fever with pain in the spleen febrile access reappear every year at the same date. Malaria. Tropical fevers.
Gouty fever. Fever in bed.
17 - () generalized urticaria (perhaps the most important drug) very violent itching and burning intolerable, that appears or worsens after bathing in the heat and strenuous exercise or ingestion of shellfish or fish, with papules bulky, alternating or coincides with rheumatic joint pains. Pruritus of Urtica is violent, stabbing and burning, as produced by contact with nettles, and worse at night, warmth of bed or heat in general. Quink edema, anaphylactic reactions by serum. He is a leading drug to insect stings (bees (most specific), spiders, etc.). With local swelling and itching of the aforementioned characteristics. First-degree burns and scalds. Intense burning of the skin after sleeping. Warmth of skin with tingling, numbness, itching and edema from the navel upwards. Erysipelas anipollosa. Erythema. Varicella. Herpes labialis.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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