Ustilago. Homeopathy

(U. Maidis. Tizon Ustilago or Corn)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Ustilago
1 Great Depression, this very sad, cries often, can not bear to see or speak to anyone.
2 Irritable, or worse if asked to repeat something.
General symptoms of Ustilago
3 - () Worse: motion, touch and pressure; traveling in a vehicle, walking. Better: rest.
4 Loss of hair and nails.
5 - () Excessive prostration of sexual misconduct, lost seminal or bleeding. Feeling faint at 11 hours in a warm room, the existing access in the epigastrium.
6 Vertigo with diplopia, internal heat; at menopause, with menorrhagia.
Frontal headache, morning or evening, with burning or discomfort in the eye and fullness in the head, worse walking. Scalp dry hair loss.
Crust lactea. Impetigo with serous secretion.
Twitching eyelids 7. Pain in the eyes with profuse tearing worse outdoors. Heat in the eyes to close them. Eyelids glued to the morning.
Vision floating point.
8 Dryness in the nose. Rhinitis with bad smell that the patient feels.
Epistaxis bright red, better by pressure.
9 sharp facial pallor and evening sitting. Burning in the face.
10 teeth loose. Tongue coated tomorrow. Pricking in the tongue, with sensation of pressure in the root upward. Salivation bitter liquid.
Metallic taste; viscous.
11 Tonsils large, congested, dark red, painful swallowing, pain in the ear exetndiendose. Dry throat with dysphagia. Sensation of foreign body lodged behind the larynx. Burning in the esophagus near the cardia.
Poor appetite 12. Sed at night. Belching acids. Gastralgias cutting; with joint pain in fingers. Hematemesis passive, venous, with nausea, vomiting better.
Cutting pains in 13 newspaper and hypogastric navel. Pains as if intestines were knotted. Right upper quadrant pain, in the right lobe of the liver, in the left groin when walking.
14 Diarrhea with light stools. Constipation with dry stool black.
15 tenesmus of bladder and urinary incontinence. Urine increased, or low and red dark. Pain in the right kidney, then left.
16 - () male genitals relaxed and cold sweats. Sexual weakness with pain in the testicles (worse on right), in paroxysms that sometimes cause fainting; Lambare pains (worse by intercourse), few desires.
Irresistible tendency to masturbation, hidden for so doing; with spermatorrhoea and nocturnal emissions, followed by depression and irritability and exhaustion. Frequent erections day and night. Chronic orchitis. Erotic fantasies.
17 - () The female genital tract is the most important field of action of Ustilago. Menses early, too numerous and very long, blood red, dark or black, with small black clots or long filaments, especially at menopause. Metrorrhagia active or passive, or dark red blood mixed with clots, which comes in paroxysms or jets or slowly appearing for the slightest cause or during and after childbirth, menopause and the subinvolution uterine foul, painless, worse by movement. Pains in left ovary, the worse before or during menstruation (sometimes better), and extended to the thighs or legs. Uterine cramping. Sensation of pressure in the pelvis down, as if something heavy there. In between menses,
blood loss with pain under her right breast. Uterus hypertrophied; prolapsed, cervix spongy, swollen, bleeding from the slightest touch. Vicarious menstruation with intestinal or pulmonary hemorrhage. Flow yellowish, irritating, excoriating or softer, before menses. Abortion. Uterine fibroid. Weak labor pains.
Puerperal peritonitis. Lochia copious partially coagulated.
18 infraclavicular Spasmodic pain or tearing in the morning, worse when breathing. Heat and chest tightness.
19 sudden and erratic precordial pain, or burning that took her breath away.
20 - () lumbar pain, worse sitting still, moving better. Sansacion boiling water, in the back. Rheumatic pains in the back, worse walking.
21 Cutting pains in the bones of the hand and right foot. Hypertrophy or loss of nails. Rheumatic pains in arms, fingers and legs. Shoulder pain. Tingling and numbness in right arm and hand. Right elbow pain worse on movement. Drawing Rheumatic pains in the bones of the fingers. Cramp in the left leg, lifting the foot worse. Feet swollen, worse tomorrow.
22 soon asleep. Restless sleep. Dreams.
23 - () Chills up and down the back. Night Fever.
Flushes of heat with the sensation of hot water down the back.
Hot, dry skin 24. Itchy rash, worse at night. Abscesitos in the neck. Conditions destructive and painful nails.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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