Uture Magnetis arcticus. Homeopathy

Magnetis humor arcticus
(Lactose or water loaded with energetic influence of the magnet's north pole)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis Magnetis humor arcticus
1 - () irresolution with concern. Inconstancy. Gentleness, submission, shyness, tendency to mourn, with shivering. Inconsolable, is accused himself; guilt. Discouraged, with anxiety.
2 - () Memory weak. Lack of ideas. Mistype. Very conscientious.
Flow of ideas into the night or waking up.
3 - () speaks aloud when alone and busy with his things. Sleepwalking.
Singing in a dream. Clairvoyance.
General symptoms of magnetism humor arcticus
4 - () lancinating pain, worse the more profound, with throbbing, shaking, cold and the feeling that the blood goes to the site touched by the magnet, with feelings of cold there and elsewhere. Pains as fracture.
5 Major tired with pains all over, worse morning and outdoors. Sensation of dryness and lightness throughout the body, lack of strength. Fainting.
6 Worst: uncovering, on awakening.
Humor Magnetis PARTICULAR arcticus
7 - () Vertigo, as if intoxicated, with a staggering gait outdoors, and unsteadiness while standing. Headache as if the brain exploded, lifting weights or moving the eyes. Tension in the scalp, as if too attached to the skull.
8 - () and bulging eyes fixed. Feel the cold eye, as if a piece of ice lay in orbit. Painful dryness of the eyelids, waking in the morning, itch, ache and are shaking with tears.
9 Noises in the ears, like boiling water, with internal heat.
Hearing loss, like a bandage over the ears.
10 - () you smell rotten eggs or a powder. Epistaxis preceded by frontal headache. Hot red nose on the tip, followed by red and hot spots on the cheeks.
11 Face pale, or with a swollen face, red and hot. Temporomandibular joint pain in jaw, with feeling that is dislocated to move it. Tension in the face. Lockjaw.
12 - () intense nocturnal salivation, wet sleeping pillow. Itching on the tip of the tongue, which compels scratching. Toothache in decayed teeth as if they were torn, with swollen gums and painful when touched, and the cheek red, hot or swollen, worse after eating and heat, better outdoors and walking, followed by numbness and insensibility gum to give pain. Acid taste or loss of taste.
13 - () Voracidad evening. Heartburn continues. Belching. Flatulence. Abdominal cramps. Sensation of something falling in the womb, or hitting up the aecho or throat. Pressure in the upper right groin, as if to receive a hernia.
14 - () Constipation. Hard stool and large, hard stool, preceded by pains in the hypogastric. Polyuria. Dark urine.
15 - () erections intense. Sexual desire increased. Frequent pollutions.
16 weak or suppressed menstruation.
17 - () Cough dry, spasmodic, choking, asthmatic, at bedtime or midnight, bronchial irritation, he shakes his head and whole body, producing heat and sweating general, stopping cough, worse walking in open air. Chest pain.
18 Cracks in the cervical vertebrae by the movement. Pain in the back as if broken, to bend backwards.
19 - () Inflammation with throbbing pain in the back of his hand. Heaviness in the upper limbs. Pain as if he might break or fracture in the hip joint and lower limbs, fatigue, worse when walking. Restless trembling of the limbs. Excoriating pain in toes and corns. Cold sweat on hands and feet. Trembling and cold in the parts touched by the magnet.
20 - () yawning violent and spasmodic. Marked daytime sleepiness. Deep sleep at night and lying on your back. Restless sleep, with heat and urgent desire to uncover. He wakes up at 2. Sing in her sleep and that wakes him up.
Hot 21 around the body, or heat with cold hands and lower limbs. Chills followed by hot and swollen veins in his hands.
22 Itching and tingling in the skin, burning sensation. Felon.
() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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