Uva ursi. Homeopathy

(Bear berry)
1 Slight vertigo with headache.
2 fluent coryza with mucosal sensation or burning flesh.
3 Cara snatched or cyanotic.
4 tickling in the throat, with cough. Nausea, vomiting. Feeling of languor in the stomach, with widespread pain.
5 - () Acute or chronic cystitis, urine or blood-tinged mucus viscous.
Painful urination with burning after leaving the urine usually is mucous or slimy, often bloody and sometimes with pus or cloudy urine.
Chronic bladder irritation, pain, tenesmus, and catarrhal discharges.
Pyelitis. Urinary stones. Dysuria Painful, constant urination, Pon efforts. Urethral burning during urination. Incontinence of urine. Green urine.
Urinary symptoms improve on its back.
6 metrorrhagia.
Hoarseness 7. Cough.
20 - () lumbar pain, worse sitting still, moving better. Sansacion boiling water