Vaccini flos lactis. Homeopathy


1 provides food as if it lacked salt.
2 - () Dryness, redness and soreness at the top of the throat, worse morning and night, with dysphagia that requires grabbing the throat or bend the head to facilitate swallowing that, otherwise, causes pain in the ears, sometimes with yellow mucus, with a sickly sweet taste.
Flatulence in hypogastrium 3.
4 urine more yellow.
5 Soreness at the end of the foreskin, as if it cracks, without having anything.
6 - () Menses early, heavy, with cramps that make umbilical bend, and very cold, painful, frequent diarrhea. Flow albumin as egg white, or worse if this stop walking long.
Sexual excitement easy to touch her breasts.
7 Hoarseness after singing. Shallow breathing, feeling relieved that deep breathing.
8 Stiffness unpleasant but painless in the hollow of the knee when walking.
9 - () Dreams horrible, you see a person dead in her coffin. Insomnia.
Drowsiness. Talking in sleep constantly.
Itching in 10 different body sites without eruption.
11 pale face. Heat in face, with lips trembling and feeling bloated. Tingling and feeling of tightness in the face. Dolores: from the right submandibular gland in the ear and tongue to the chin, the submaxillary nerve output.
12 - () Toothache. Pain in the gums. Tight feeling on the palate, with constant spitting and drooling. Dry mouth without thirst. Tongue white, as if burnt at the tip. Contraction under the tongue. Bitter taste for eating bread and butter.
13 Burning and heat in the throat. Dysphagia, with sensation of having the uvula raw. Accumulation of adherent mucus in the throat, morning.
14 - () Appetite increased or decreased, at noon. Wholeness with downward pressure in the stomach after eating. Increased thirst. Frequent regurgitation, chest tightness that improve, with cold in the throat and stomach. Nausea and vomiting. Pressive or gastralgias outbreak, but in the pylorus, worse by pressure, better sitting or leaning forward or fetid flatus.
15 - () Liver morning with pain or sensation of tightness, with twitching newspapers down, worse after eating, extended toward the back, with sensation of weight, liver hypertrophy. Tight feeling in the spleen, with lancinating pain fast. Sense of relaxation in the abdomen.
Pinching or cutting in the belly, especially periumbilical, worse in the morning in bed, or during and after eating and when crossing the legs.
Rumbling painful. Heat sensation in the belly of boiling. Weight in the stomach, with pressure down after breakfast, worse sitting upright. Ascites following a malaria with excessive swelling of the belly, face and feet. Fullness in the stomach, with sensation of tightness and shortness of breath, better for flatus and belching. Frequently rumbling.
16 - () Constipation, fecal dry, hard, difficult, knotty, out * on a lot of effort, preceded by urgency, followed by pain in the anus, as hurt and sometimes a watery stools. Diarrhea, sometimes alternating with constipation. During defecation, fatigue and sleep with yawning and sialorrhea. Hemorrhoids.
17 - () Desire to urinate, with downward pressure on the bladder, pain or twitching in the glans. Copious and frequent urination forcing him to get up at night. Urine is clear as water, or brown and hot, producing burning in the urethra, with a smell of violets. Sensation of a drop of urine to continually pass along the urethra, while sitting.
18 Twitching pain in the root of the penis, spermatic cord and inner thigh. Decreased sexual desire, drives out their erotic fantasies. Painful erections in the morning dream, wet dreams.
19 - () Menses advanced. Increasing breast milk (galactorrhea), but can promote the appearance of milk, at low powers in agalactia or hypogalactia. Painful gonorrhea in women.
Bearing down and weakness in the female genitalia.
20 - () Hoarseness in morning or evening. Raspy voice after reading aloud. Fullness in the larynx. Dry, spasmodic cough, hollow, barking, painful, seems set to pop the chest, with shocks in head, chest and belly, chest tightness, burning and dryness in the throat by laryngeal tickling. Copious expectoration of mucus. Dyspnea with tachypnea, and boiling sensation of fullness in the chest needs to breathe deeply, especially forward or sitting upright or walking. Asthma with anguish when sitting (lying down) as if the bottom of the chest were too narrow; best to yawn and stretch. Oppression or weight in chest, better stand up from sitting, leaning forward or throwing the shoulders back and your clothes coming loose or pulling (because not tolerate anything tight on the neck and thorax). Cardiac asthma. Hidrotarax. Chest pain worse when breathing deeply. Pleurisy and pleurisy. Stitches on the left side of the chest, going to the scapula. Pain in the chest wall, especially on the left, upon awakening, such as physical effort, extended to the shoulders.
21 Pain in the neck with coughing. Tension in the muscles of the neck, worse on the right. Sharp, sharp, in the right axilla worse when lifting the arm or by pressure. Pain in the spinal cord to the coccyx. Low back pain trauma.
22 Tearing, jerking and erratic in the upper limbs, in your bones and joints, pain and cramping. Great fatigue in the right upper limb. Pain as of dislocation in the left deltoid.
Shaking and sweating in their hands. Heat in the fingers. Great fatigue, heaviness, and trembling in the legs fall asleep, as if the circulation is stopped, worse when sitting, drawing pains in the right leg cramps in his left calf when walking. Pain in the soles of his feet to sleep. Cold feet. Itching and tingling in the fingers of his left foot, pain in the left thumb as if dislocated. Ulcerative pain Dajo nails.
23 Major sleepiness during the day or early evening, with frequent yawning and stretching, which forces him to sleep quickly, sleep at work. He wakes up often, but in the morning with difficulty, the dream did not rest. The patient lies with his head held high and on the right side. Sounds that are suicidal or spinning on one foot.
24 - () Hot on the back and head, hands and feet, with heat in face and shivering in a warm room. Fever with heaviness and pain in the head, scalp and joints of the members, with a tendency to fall forward. Very dry heat, 3 to 6 am. Bradycardia. Drenching night sweats.
25 In the skin, whole body edema, with dyspnea.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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