Vaccininum. Homeopathy

(Smallpox vaccine)
1 - () Nervous, impatient, irritable, moody, prone to worry. The child wants a ride in her arms; lloron. Restlessness.
2 - () sick morbid fear of smallpox.
3 Confusion, can not remember things when I want.
4 - () has been used as prophylaxis of smallpox (in the 6th (every 8 days) in 600 cases) as well as in the aftermath recent or distant vaccination and smallpox. It has also been used in epidemics of smallpox, even with severe cases, total and successfully without sequelae or scarring.
5 - () Worst: early morning, for moisture. Best: from motion.
Left sided.
6 - () Very tired, excessive fatigue, in need of stretching.
7 - () frontal headache as if forehead would burst, or to be open in two.
Stitches in the right temple. Eruption as "cradle cap.
8 - () broken lids and conjunctiva. Chronic conjunctivitis as a sequel to smallpox. Post-vaccinal keratitis. Dolores of the eyeballs and orbital like burst. Pricking pain in the left corner of the eye. He sees as through a veil to the morning. Swollen eyelids.
9 - () sensation of fullness in the nose, with secretion. Epistaxis preceded by a sensation of contraction in the forehead, after dinner.
10 - () Face red and swollen with red dots on face and hands. Swelling of the right parotid, with cutting.
11 Tongue coated yellowish, with projecting papillae. Dry mouth and tongue.
12 dark red throat with swollen tonsils and painful.
13 - () Lack of appetite, disgust at the smell or sight of food. Gastralgias.
14 points in the hypochondria. Flatulence.
15 - () nephritis with albuminuria, hematuria and edema, after a vaccination.
Menstruation 16 abundant and widespread.
17 - () Pertussis. Short breath with epigastric pain and chest tightness. Stitches in the chest, in the false ribs.
18 Erethism heart and arteries. Chest pain; oppression.
19 Pain in the back, around the chest. Back pain. Sensation of cold water along the back. Chills running down the back.
20 - () Feelings of burning, tearing, stinging, pricking, cutting pains and heat in the lower limbs. Sensation of a break in the long bones, especially in the lower limbs. Intense pain in the left arm, where he was vaccinated, he can not lift it to the morning. Stiffness, redness and tremor of the left arm. Keloid scars revaccination. Pain in the wrists and hands, with local sensation of a hot air stream. Numbness and burning sensation in his left ring finger. Pulling sensation in the left thigh. Pains in the knees. Legs heavy and painful, which rises with difficulty. Sensation of shortness of the bones.
21 The dream did not rest. He wakes in the middle of the night with pain and orbital frontal blast, and stabs at the temples.
22 Chills with shivering. Intense fever with thirst, anorexia, agitation and crying.
23 - () neuralgia after shingles. Smallpox (see 4); alastrim (the best remedy, according to N. Cairo). Buttons and red pustules that appear in the heat. Pustules with a dark red indurated base, on an elevation round, oblong, yellow-green pus containing the size of peas or something smaller, and very itchy, especially located on the left side of the trunk, between the shoulder blades and behind the right ear . Lancinating and burning all over the skin, worse in forehead and scalp. Hot, dry skin.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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