Vaccinum Lac. Homeopathy

(Cow's milk)
1 Depressed and nervous, as if to hear bad news. Mental confusion.
2 - () His pain, and any other symptoms appear simultaneously and symmetrically on both sides.
3 - () Tremenda sudden prostration, physical and mental, which prevents almost answer questions, except with very short answers, because he has the strength to write.
4 Vertigo: falling backwards if you close your eyes. Feels like a ball of fire in each temple. Heaviness and pain in the vertex. Occipital pain on waking in the morning.
5 Pain over right eye. Vision cloudy and dark vision.
Repetition blindness, lasting each time a second, followed by pains in temples and vertex.
6 ears feel plugged, feels dull, but of hearing.
7 languages dirty yellow. Acid taste. Saliva acid that stains the yellow scarf.
8 Feeling of lump in throat or larynx.
9 intense thirst for cold drinks. Stomach bloated. Nausea. Pressive gastralgias better by external pressure.
10 Pain in the belly that comes and goes from the sternum to just below the
11 obstinate constipation.
12 Urine dark red, or clear, almost colorless. Albuminuria. Polyuria with frequency every 15 minutes.
13 Cash flow watery white, with pain in the sacrum.
14 Acute pain almost at a point like a coin, both sides of the sternum,
followed by burning, then extends to below the navel. Sharp pains in the lower left thorax. Sharp pain below the right clavicle, spread throughout the right upper limb.
15 Pain in the sacrum.
16 - () You feel all the joints of the limbs weak and drained. The trembling fingers to stretch them. Feel a cold sticky on both feet and both hands simultaneously. Pmplato Sharp pain below left, which goes to the left shoulder and then down to the toes. Sharp pain in both hips. Dolores on the outside of both thighs. Simultaneous pains in both knees. Tremors or very weak in the knees when climbing stairs, there comes a time that can not climb a step higher. Sharp pains in the bones of the lower limbs, with burning in both feet simultaneously. Unsteady.
17 Daytime sleepiness; must make an effort to stay awake and not close our eyes, because it falls asleep anytime. Restless sleep. It sounds trying to procure a cadaver.
18 Hands dry and warm. Sometimes with chills headache. Mild fever with wet hands and pain in both thighs.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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