Valeriana. Homeopathy

(Valeriana Officinalis)
1 - () and general hysteria with hypersensitivity of the senses, and excessive nervous excitability, with a very fluid and volatile temperament, or alternations very marked mental symptoms completely opposite (passing of the greatest joy to the deepest sadness, softness and sweetness to the increased aggressiveness and irritability), often accompanied by a great rush of thoughts or ideas that appear to chase each other. Alternate with ease crying with laughter. Frequent shaking excitement. I think that is ringing. Fickle. Perennial. Selfish. Hysteria at menopause.
2 - () Hallucinations: think that is twofold; have errors on their identity thinks that it is any other person floating in the air that is outside of home, which is incorporeal, that everything around is uncomfortable or strange, even familiar things, that is poor is expensive oombres, animals. Mild delirium with joy and trembling; attempts to escape through the window, or threatens and screams wildly. He wanders around your house.
Answer incoherent and unrelated to the question. Ira easy.
3 - () Fear of the dark, the darkness closed sites; to be alone, to enter a room. Fears in open air. This mentally worse in the dark and at twilight. Anxiety in the house hiponcondriaca. Restlessness, with tremors.
4 - () Sometimes there is a heightened mental clarity, especially at dusk or when you sweat, which can reach clairvoyance. Other times, the intellect is cloudy, there is confusion about their identity or the like drunk (worse during fever). He is wrong in the localities. Unconsciousness for pain.
5 - () tired or bored with life, worse during fever; nostalgia. 0 hard-working, industrious.
6 - () Worst: standing, sitting or at rest, on stooping; by touch; at noon and soon after, before midnight, outdoors or by an air stream; fasting. Better: motion; after sleeping, after eating, for walking.
7 - () The pains come after a prolonged rest in any position, and improve the change, come on suddenly or come and go, are of all kinds, but especially in jerks, pressing from within outward, in stitches (especially out) , tearing or cramps.
7 - () a thread Sensation.
Epilepsy 8. Post traumatic seizures. Spasm or tremor, immobility or worse in the excitement. Painful tension in the muscles.
9 - () Dizziness when bending over. Cephalic fullness. Pressive headache, shooting or stabbing, especially the front, which appear abruptly or in jerks; worse in the evening, resting, outdoors, after dinner or sunlight, better by motion in the room and changing position. Hemicrancas.
Sensation of cold at the top of his head worse by the pressure of the hat. Sweating in the forehead at noon. Shear frontal headache.
Tearing or puncture 10 to pass through the eye. Burning eyes the morning after rising. Eyes bright. Eyelids red, swollen and sore. Myopia. See sparks, sees light in darkness. Vision cloudy.
11 - () Earache from exposure to drafts and cold, painful shocks in the ears. Hey bells or bells.
12 Violent sneezing. Tallow you smell foul.
13 - () jerky facial pain and twitching on the cheek. Redness of the face, facial heat, worse sitting or outdoors, followed by sweating in the face and whole body, worse moving. Feel like electricity in the lower branch of the trigeminal. Painful blisters on the upper lip.
14 white blisters on the tongue, painful when touched. Toothache.
Taste Foetid tallow in the early morning after rising, bitter at the tip of the tongue; viscous after awakening in the morning, greasy, putrid.
15 - () feeling that a thread is hanging from the throat to the stomach.
16 - () Belching smelling of rotten eggs, on waking in the morning.
Frequent regurgitation, rancid or burning. Ravenous hunger with nausea.
Vomiting nocturnal bilious or mucous, with violent shivering. Hiccups in the nervous baby after feedings or having been shaken. The baby vomits milk, beef and maternal clotted reat pieces, which are also seen in the stool, barely has sucked (the breast or the bottle) and, special, when the mother has had a fit of anger. Vomiting from drinking milk. Pressure in pit of stomach that comes and goes suddenly.
17 - () painful bowel spasms in the baby, screaming and watery diarrhea. Pains in the liver and epigastrium to touch. Abdomen swollen and hard, as if about to burst. Retraction of the belly. Cramps at night in bed or after dinner, that does not improve in any position. Soreness and bruising at the hypogastric and English.
18 - () green stools mixed with blood or large clots milk.
Manes. Bubbling pressure in the anus. Acute rectal pain. Rectal prolapse if many efforts to urinate. Ascariasis.
19 Pollakiuria with polyuria. Sediment white, red or cloudy urine.
20 Crawling in the penis, or asleep. Frequent erections. Gurgling and voltage at the sitting right testicle.
21 Menses delayed and scanty.
22 It drowns after falling asleep, waking suffocated. Inspirations getting faster and deeper until they cease, then resumed the expiration like a sob. Sensation of something warm up the stomach, taking her breath, tingling and laryngeal cough. Anxiety and chest tightness.
Shocks in the chest, sharp stitches from the inside out, or pressure. Eruption of hard nodules and small in the chest. Asthma. Convulsive movements of the diaphragm.
23 - () back pain worse sitting or standing, especially in the lumbar region, as if sprained or dislocated, extending to the hip pain when sitting or standing. Rheumatic pains in the shoulder blades.
24 - () pains, rheumatic or otherwise, in the limbs, especially in the lower to occur or become worse when sitting or standing, and then improve or go walking or movement; paralytic pain, which prevent the movement, the pains are mostly accused in the legs, ankles and heels, and are especially drawing, or dislocation (ankle, worse when climbing stairs) or points (over in heels), or tearing in the upper limbs, legs, in calves after noon. Drawing from the biceps cramps down when writing; or an electric shock in the flue. Paralytic pain in shoulders, elbows and oodillas after walking. Hand tremors writing. Intolerable pain in the hip, thigh and tibia standing, as if they were to break. Pain in calves when crossing the legs. Constant pain in the heels. Tearing pains in soles of feet and toes. Sciatica worse in the evening, standing or sitting and resting your feet on the ground or leaving them hanging, or stretching the lower limb at rest after exercise, better flexing the leg, foot or by motion. Tension in the calves, worse at 17 hours, while sitting.
25 Ingomnio. Disturbed sleep, with anxiety and confused dreams.
Chills 26 starting at the neck and down the back. Fever or heat, worse in the evening and when eating with thirst and tachycardia or irregular pulse. Copious sweat, worse at night and efforts, especially in face and forehead, often appearing and disappearing suddenly. Sensation of cold ice cream.
27 eruption of small nodules, and confluent red at first, then white and hard. Skin very hot and dry.