Chickenpox (Varicella). Symptoms

Definition of Chickenpox
Chickenpox is a contagious infectious disease that causes benign course that affects almost exclusively children (between two and six) regardless of sex caused by the varicella zoster herpervirus's family and who is responsible in adults of herpes zoster.

Symptoms of chickenpox
The disease is spread by simple water vapor given off by talking, by direct contact with the contents of the vesicles or by contaminated items such as vesícuals red, toys, etc.. The symptoms are:

* Low-grade fever
* The state is generally not very concerned
* Loss of appetite
* Headache
* The second day after the rash appears fever (rash) with numerous red spots that give rise to other vesicles transparent content at first. After these pustulillas fluid without becoming turbid pus.
* The average number of vesicles ranging between 250 and 500 vesicles, even more than 1000 cases of children with skin problems.
* When the vesicles are allowed to dry out a series of yellow-black scabs that leave scars by parting surface that will disappear as long as they do not become infected by scratching a child.
* The blisters have appeared predilection for the trunk and being less numerous in the face and extremities.
* The successive repetition of eruptive waves allows a very sick vesicles are precedent maculae eruption on the next.
* The symptoms usually last from 2 to 4 days after the outbreak.

Symptoms of chickenpox: Complications
* Although very rare complications of varicella, however highlight the Laryngitis varicella-pharynx, which can suffocate the child by sudden events of constriction (stenosis) of the larynx.
* After 5 years of age are usually complications encephalitis and pneumonia.
* Another complication in children aged 4 to 12 years is Reye's syndrome: is an acute encephalopathy of hepatic origin, anicteric, observed in children presenting with symptoms acute toxic brain, liver fat infiltration, increase in glutamic-oxalcética of ammonium in blood and mild hypoglycemia. It is produced by the use of aspirin to treat chickenpox or the flu in children. It is increasingly rare because this syndrome is not recommended the use of aspirin to treat these diseases.
* After 20 years of age is when complications can be more serious

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