Variety: Change of sugars, proteins, starches, vegetables and fruits in their diet

In the fifth law of cure by Bernard Jensen foods we value our focus on nutrition from the point of view of a variation of our food. The fifth law reads as follows:

5. Variety: Change of sugars, proteins, starches, vegetables and fruits from one food to another and from one day to another.

Reason: every organ of our body needs a chemical element more than others to stay healthy.

Reasons to observe this law
Not that this variation in taste, but the variation in the chemical balance that our body requires to live. Jensen reminds us that every organ of our body needs a chemical element to another to stay healthy.

The chemical elements of food and our organs
We all know that if we lack certain nutrients or minerals, vitamins and trace elements of an organ can make you sick in particular.
- The thyroid gland needs iodine.
- The stomach needs sodium to neutralize the excess acid and make a proper digestion. We also need chlorine.
- The blood needs iron to transport oxygen properly to the cells. Cobalt for the formation of vitamin B12, vitamin K for clotting, and so on.
- The heart needs magnesium. Many derangement of the heart are related to a deficiency of magnesium in heart muscle. The level of blood magnesium is related to the heart's ability to produce enough power to beat properly. Of particular interest in cases of arrhythmia and tachycardia.
- The bones need calcium, phosphorus, etc..
- The eyes, with their function, vision, need vitamin A.
- The brain and nerves need phosphorus.
- Muscles need nitrogen.
- Bones and teeth need fluoride. Etc, etc..
I mean as you can see we're made of dust of the earth and as such its components need to have a healthy state.
If we want to be in possession of all these nutrients we need to vary the feed to get these nutrients.

The food, the colors and vibrations

In addition to its chemical composition, food has different colors. Do not think that this is a coincidence. In nature there are no coincidences. There are laws firmly established for research and applications.

Each color has its own activity in the body, because it has a chemical element that is particular.
The foods are stimulants and regenerate red blood: Cherries, red beets, strawberries, etc..

Green foods restore and reconstruct tissues and organs as they contain calcium, chlorophyll, vitamins A and C.

Yellow foods such as pumpkin, flax seeds are slightly laxative, and so on.
So? See the need for a balanced diet?
But besides all this, the colors of each food has its own vibration. According to its quantum (quantum physics) or wavelength per second, ranging from 400 microns to 800 microns so that we can only distinguish a few of the infinite combinations that occur.

For centuries it has been used, often without knowing it, the use of color in medicine. It's called Cromoterapia (color therapy). Even in popular wisdom used. ? Remember when our grandmothers wore red us because we had measles? Yes, producing colors that kind of vibration, like the music, which can nurture.

The following table taken from a book-guide Cromoterapia therapy for the colors

* Gonorrhea .................... green
* Chronic bronchitis ......... yellow and orange
* Cancer .......................... green, purple
* Constipation ................ yellow and orange
* Depression nervous ........ red
* Dyspepsia ...................... indigo
Hemorrhoids ................. yellow-orange
* Urinary incontinence ..... green
* Paralysis ........................ red
* Pneumonia ..................... indigo
* Chronic rheumatism ..... yellow-orange
* Sarcoma ....................... red
* Syphilis ............................ green
* Tuberculosis ................. yellow

Ourselves, how we dress we know the importance of color in our lives. Dress and eat of those colors if you have that disease!

So Eat a variety of colors, vibrations and chemical elements that are undoubtedly in the nature for our good.

Not as the husband of a patient who attended a consultation of Dr. Jensen, as it has recommended to the lady who did not take sweets and coffee, the husband replied, "because to me that I hurt." Dr. Jensen reasoned with him, reminding him that it hurt him, what happened is that as it fed on other foods besides sweets and coffee, they could neutralize their harmful effects. Not convinced Mr. Dr. Jensen said, "Eat for 10 days you only sweets and coffee, and if you are not sick, I stop being a doctor." The man accepted the challenge, and within ten days the man returned with many ailments.

So we are nourished by the vital force supplied by the sun to fruit and vegetables in the color determined by nature.

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