Variolinum (Nosode of smallpox). Homeopathy

(Nosode of smallpox, prepared with the lymph from a vesicle or pustule)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Variolinum
1 Delirium at the start of fever. Intense fear of smallpox. Fear of dying,
with great excitement and demanding to know if going to die.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Variolinum
2 - () "as a preventative or prophylactic or protection against smallpox, is far superior to the current smallpox vaccination and absolutely free of sequelae, especially tanks. The effectiveness of power is the obstacle that faced the materialist. ? but it is harder to understand than the infectious nature of smallpox, measles or whooping cough?. Those who have not used it, as well as those who have not tested experimentally the law of similarity, are not competent witnesses. Pongala to test and post your failures to the world ". (Allen). It was used in the epidemics of the last century in America, as prophylaxis, to immunize all, giving the drug to 12aX, 3 times a day for 3 days (see Malandrinum and Vaccininum). Voisin advises, with the same object, in the 200th or 1000th, but the first only for short warnings in epidemics. As treatment of the disease, "an extensive record made by competent observers clinical and trustworthy witness its curative value in smallpox (single, confluent and malignant) as well as in varioloid and chickenpox. He did a splendid job in all powers, from the 6th to 100.000aC. (Allen). "It is indicated in smallpox when there is not much pain, the patient can eat fairly well, the normal skin between pustules, conjunctiva and white are natural, ie, cases needing treatment Variolinum as they are, above all, the benign and uncomplicated cases (Allen). Finally, it is indicated when there is a history of the disease or the aftermath has left, especially if the well indicated remedy does not act. It has even been made, sometimes the disappearance of scars left by the disease.
3 Down: by movement.
SPECIFIC Variolinum
4 - () Vertigo. Front hot. Violent headache with chills or after, but on the forehead, vertex or occiput, throbbing, lancinating or like a band squeezing her head in a circle, radiating to the back.
5 - () keratitis in a smallpox vaccination. Chronic ophthalmia with loss of vision. Miosis.
6 Deafness.
7 Cara red and bloated, or dark purple. The jaw drops during sleep, and shaking to wake him. Acne.
8 cloves covered with brown sordes.
9 - () Language with fur dirty yellow, or black and out of the mouth, like a piece of rotten meat, or white. The food, especially water. Ienen an unpleasant sweetish taste.
10 - () red and very sore throat, worse when swallowing. Pharynx intense purple, gangrenous and looking horribly offensive breath. Closed throat sensation. Foreign body sensation on the right side of the throat. Diphtheria with a horrible stench of breath. Violent pulsation of the carotids.
11 - () epigastric pain. Frequent bilious vomiting. Vomiting: milk barely eat.
12 stools Diarrhea with brown, green as grass, painless and very offensive; mucosanguinolentas. Constipation.
13 Urine dark, turbid and fetid; tine you a pink, hard to wash.
14 Hypertrophy of the testicle. Hard swelling of the left testicle, post-traumatic.
15 Dyspnea, asthma .. Troublesome cough, sometimes with bloody expectoration.
Expectoration viscose fetida.
16 intense precordial pain with nausea and bilious vomiting or bloody.
17 - () Stiff neck, worse on movement. Chills as jets of icy water running down from between the shoulder blades to the sacrum.
Intense and unbearable pain and lumbosacral paraspinal muscles.
Pain in the muscles of his back worse by movement. Pains go from back to belly.
18 Hands frost early in the disease. Swelling of the arm.
Muscular rheumatism in the legs, worse on movement. Pain in the wrists, legs. Great weariness with concern.
19 severe chills, like ice water down his back, with shivering and chattering of teeth, followed by intense fever without thirst, with burning skin to the touch and radiates heat. Copious sweating and stinking.
20 - () with smallpox pustules surrounded by a red halo, and sometimes, very itchy, but the symptomatology described above (see 4, 7, 8, 9, l0, 11, 17, 18 and 19). Herpes zoster; to Burnett, was the principal remedy in this affection, and also in subsequent neuralgia.