Vegetable soup. Your benefits

Advantages of dehydrated vegetable soups
It is clear that the housewife can not have, at any time, and throughout the year, a complete variety of fresh vegetables to be prepared at any time and complete tasty vegetable soup. This dish is simple but very complete, is one of the most appropriate to include any type of scheme because, apart from its low in calories (obesity) serves also to facilitate proper management of all types of natural vitamins and minerals.
Another advantage of vegetable soups is conditioned to eat them hot or stomach to digest and prepare to maximize the nutritional qualities of other food that can ingest below.

Vegetable soups and raw foods

Needless to say that if possible, should be eaten raw vegetables (salads), because the boiling loses much of its nutritional value. However, if the cooking is done properly the loss is minimal and is largely compensated by the greater ease of digestion and the increased consumption of vegetables that makes them able to prepare a greater variety of dishes. Such is the case with vegetable semolina, Juliana soup, vegetable soup and buckwheat flour, which by the diversity of plants and the gentle drying process have been submitted to allow the retention of its active components almost unchanged.

Manufacture of dehydrated vegetable soup
To accomplish this, the vegetables that make these products generally have been stabilized by heat (blanching) and dried under vacuum. In such conditions, its preservation is almost limitless, and their nutritional value remains unchanged for long.

Vitamins and minerals in vegetable soups
Usually, all components of dehydrated vegetable soups are natural preparations, rich in water-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin C and provitamin A (beta carotene) which is one of the most important vitamins to preserve vision. Also it contains B vitamins Likewise unchanged contain minerals that contain the original vegetables, among which stand out mainly potassium.
Of course, we recommend those products whose ingredients are organic farming and inside with the lowest number of preservatives, dyes.

Do not forget that these soups can be the basis of a whole nutritious food as these once boiling soups and they are putting out the fire can add other foods such as oatmeal or thin buckwheat noodles or rice (carbohydrates) or soy tofu into small squares or egg (protein) so that their nutritional value and multiply along with good raw salad and we list a good lunch or dinner. Also with a proper combination of ingredients can make a meal with all major nutrients.

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