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Vegetation - Adenoids
Masses of lymphoid tissue in the nasopharynx common in children nodes.

It's a typical condition of children from three to ten years, but may occur at younger ages (infants) or adults.

Causes of vegetation - Adenoids

The origin of the vegetations is usually conditioned by two factors: the first predisposing (constitutional hereditary) typical of children nodes (node), the second determinant of infective origin, due to continuing acute inflammation (acute adenoiditis) pharyngeal adenoid tissue .

These are caused by infections such as flu, diphtheria, colds, etc.. Because of this infectious-inflammatory stimulus, the pharyngeal tonsil of the children nodes responds with a process of hypertrophy and hyperplasia leading to slow thickening amygdala, ie the so-called adenoid vegetation.

Symptoms of vegetations - Adenoids
* Difficulty breathing through your nose and breathe normally through your mouth.
* Voice off. He speaks as if the nose were clogged.
* The timbre of the voice is modified
* During sleep snoring
* Mild apnea (stop breathing for a few seconds during sleep).
* Sleeps with mouth open.
* Breathes loudly.
* Smell and taste can be diminished.
* Nasal catarrh, with mucus in the nose permanently.
* Nocturnal cough.
* Acute Otitis frequently.

Medicine for the vegetations with Homotoxicology - Homeopathy: Lymphomyosot (gca) Calcoheel (c), Naso-Heel (g), Psorinoheel (if polyps), Dulcamara-Homaccord (palatine tonsils, plates)

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