Venus mercenaria. Homeopathy

Venus mercenaria
(The Clam)
Pathogenesis of J. R. Raeside Brit.Hom.J. 1962 pag.200 VII.
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Venus mercenaria
1 - () Difficulty in coordinating mind when writing by hand. Can not think well, feels like a drunkard.
2 It feels separated from others, during headache, feels like "no need". Crying and depression the first day of menstruation. Are uncomfortable riding in a vehicle, frightened by the feeling that going to cry for no apparent reason.
3 easily irritated by noise and people.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Venus mercenaria
4 Worse on waking in the morning and before noon, for the noises.
Best: from motion. Right side.
5 Weakness general tiredness, worse tomorrow, with faintness at 10 am and bruised feeling all over when I put pressure on any site; with cold throughout the body (especially in extremities) and chills 15 to 17 hours, as if a cold start.
Desire and aversion of Venus mercenaria
6 Desire for cold food and cold drinks.
7 - () Vertigo be worse off after a long sitting, worse when tired, with frontal headache. Frontal headache after noon and evening, or 9 hours, worse mental and physical exertion or climbing stairs, sitting still better in the dark, with nausea, worse on the left and tomorrow, in the right half, behind eyes, in the left half; throbbing. Occipital headache 16 to 23 hours, at the vertex, in the right temple; hemicraneas. Scalp sensation little boy. Sensation that blood goes to your head. Intense itching in the head at 11 hours.
8 Vision cloudy. Right lower eyelid swollen and red.
Earache 9 in left ear, worse on waking. Ringing in the ears.
Itching burning auricular.
10 Dry coryza in the morning, flowing at dusk, with sneezing, watery discharge, worse on the right, then by becoming thicker. Postnasal secretion
green, worse in the morning, heat and temperature changes, the better the evening.
11 facial itching. Pimples on the face. Blisters on the lips. Wounded in the corners of lips and the left half of the lower lip.
12 - () above left Toothache worse from heat and cold.
Tongue white. Cold sensation in mouth and throat. Metallic taste.
13 Sore throat to the right, extending to the ear, worse from eating or swallowing, to the left, passing to the right, with enlarged lymph nodes in the neck.
14 - () Thirsty. Nausea after eating followed by vomiting, at 10 am, with hot flashes and sweats, with headache, with constriction in the stomach, better eating. Belching continued all day. Stress at mstomago. Sensation of stone in the stomach. Pressive Gastralgia nauseated, worse at night.
15 pains in the stomach in the evening, or on the left side, lying on the pain worse, waking at dawn.
16 - () Diarrhea mild evening, preceded by nausea and gastralgia.
Severe constipation. Flatus.
17 - () kidney pains. Daytime and nighttime urinary frequency, with polyuria. Urine turbid, offensive, frothy.
18 Menstruation painless, pains or cramps, more lying and local heat.
Sternal pain 19. Sharp chest pain.
20 Back pain with stiffness upon waking. Pain under right shoulder blade.
21 pain in his right arm in the evening, with stiffness, heaviness and fatigue, with pain in his right knee. Left arm pain in the muscles.
Tingling in the tip of the right middle and ring finger. Itching arms and legs, worse at night. Constant dull pain in the hip, knee and ankle, worse from 17 to 20 hours can not sit, better moving. Pain as if beaten in the left thigh. Pain in right knee, worse down stairs, knees hot and swollen, with heaviness in the limbs.
Cramps in his left calf in bed sudden right ankle. Pain in the left leg veins.
22 Sleep restless, waking at 2. Dreams of violence ending in death, with illness and death with spiders.
23 Itching in the limbs, ears and back, in the face and whole body, at 9 am and night. Urticaria in the left hand.