Veratrinum. Homeopathy

MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Veratrinum
1 Delirium with hallucinations. Great anxiety. Loss of consciousness.
2 Dolores as electricity, as electric jets in the nerves as electrical shocks into veins, muscles and joints or sparks, or burning or tingling or stinging.
3 Shocks, fibrillar or not. Subsultus tendon. Tetanus.
4 Great fatigue and weakness, even after having slept well.
Fainting. Collapse.
SPECIFIC Veratrinum
Vertigo 5. Strange feeling of anxiety and oppression in the head, as if suffocating.
6 Extreme miosis. Conjunctiva red. Tearing.
7 Frequent sneezing, often after vomiting.
8 twitching in facial muscles. Frequent spasmodic closure of the lower jaw when eating or laughing out loud or talking animatedly, slamming down with a loud noise. Violent pain, tearing, from face to vertex ca.
9 Tongue swollen, with stinging. Dry mouth. Mouth and throat very sore, like he had swallowed boiling water with great irritation. Copious salivation.
10 constriction in the throat, with dysphagia. Stitches in the throat.
Anorexia 11. Violent thirst, insatiable. Belching bitter. Violent nausea, copious vomiting. Heartburn. Heat in stomach extending to other parts. Stomach cramps.
12 Colicos and stomach upsets. Sensation as if intestines were tied with strong cord increasingly tight.
13 Diarrhea viscose; mucosanguinolenta heavy or watery, with tenesmus.
14 spasmodic contraction of the bladder, with watery urine. Continuous urination. Ineffectual efforts to urinate. Increased urination, or little, red, thick.
15 rapid breathing.
16 precordial burning pains. Weak beats.
17 Dull pain in back and spine, drawing in the column.
Sensation of boiling water on the back.
18 Paralysis and numbness of the extremities. Painful shocks in the toes. Cold in the extremities.
19 Heat or cold in the body. Sweating.
Erysipelas 20. Heat and tingling in parts rubbed, which extends to the body, followed later by itching.