Veratrum album. Homeopathy

Veratrum ALBUM
(White Hellebore)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Veratrum album
1 - () A megalomaniacal tone colors accented with bright shades the core of the personality of Veratrum Album. While this trend is maintained within acceptable and tolerable for others, he has an ambition to reach defined goals, which consist essentially in the attainment of social and material position of privilege, ambition whose service will put all the resources, good or bad, that it possesses, regardless of anything or anyone to do so. The starting point for their conduct lies in the high opinion he has of himself, which makes him very arrogant and contemptuous attitude to adopt towards others, which is implicitly a feeling of insecurity or lack of confidence in itself. Being polite to their superiors or with strangers and, instead, hard and even insolent to his inferiors or their relatives. While continuing on the path toward your goal, that never comes, because his ambition is increased the more you have, adopting attitudes of bravado and likes to be considered a rich man or posing as such, spending and wasting your money, and usually affected by gestures and actions. Do not hesitate at nothing to get even "stepping on heads," a phrase that clearly depicts his personality is very active and always busy, but also a liar (never tells the truth), false, deceitful, scheming, harmful, cruel, malevolent, with nalumniar a marked trend to criticize, insult or blaspheme and ridicule to others, lacking moral sense, no sense of honor and no respect or veneration for one of those around him, criticizing everything and everyone and finds fault them, is rude, crude and loud and often, in the sometimes long journey toward your goal, disheartened or regrets, and is desperate for their social position, which does not satisfy ever. Sometimes takes dominant or dictatorial attitudes, full of his own greatness and, at times, and give more strength to an order or decision, kicking on the ground, and admits to the contrary. Is greedy, not only in its ambitions, but also when eating (he is a glutton), and may suffer from disorders or mbiciones frustrated frustrations or failures in their business or be neglected or their wounded pride. It is common to have an anxious expression or never smiled because his joy of life is overturned by his ambition.
2 - () When megalomaniac tendency, or delusional in general, beyond socially acceptable limits, mental alienation, boxes of all kinds. Hahnemann himself and say that Veratrum album "has the power to cure almost one third of inmates in insane asylums (and in any case, as an intercurrent remedy). The tables there are varieties of delusions and hallucinations illusions: thought to be blind, says he has cancer, that is deaf, that is Christ, who is in communication with God, or that is in heaven talking to God (religious hallucinations); that he is a prince or a person of rank or a person or that has wealth, and that wastes or waste money and this ruined, that she is pregnant or has labor pains, he has committed a crime or is convicted or possessed, or devastated by a disaster this imaginary, that his nose is longer, conversing with people away, that is a hunter who eats unclean things, you see dogs or faces, the hallucinations may be accompanied by laughter, talkativeness or screaming. Delirium eager, wild, angry, comical, erotic, happy, talkative, manic whispering; noisy appears especially during the chills and fever, with headache, after a hemorrhage in cerebrospinal meningitis, before and during menstruation, with pain and in sepsis, sometimes accompanied by cold sweats or cold or thirst, or laughter or stupor, often believed to chase him, or is insensible with eyes wide open and not recognize anybody or suddenly jumps out of bed and escapes. Savagery, ferocity. For access manic or delusional, run through the streets, worse at night and in paroxysms. Insanity: erotica, even in menopause, postpartum, megalomania, with arrogance and hubris, or gluttony; religious persecution mania, after winning a fortune, with despair and disgust of life for fear of losing his position, with pain intolerable, with anxiety or restlessness, wanting to travel, with laughter with crazy gestures. States manic or insane: with rage, with songs (worse at night and during fever); broken or torn clothing or objects, destroy or cut the clothing pieces. It attempts to escape, running away; in cerebrospinal meningitis, suddenly jumps out of bed.
Religious Affections, religious melancholy, mystical delirium, he kneels and prays; loquacity on religious themes or are desperate to doubt the salvation of his soul, with intense anxiety. Mad, commit acts of violence, worse at night, in paroxysms, with cries and oaths, or desire to bite, with heat in the body, sometimes during the headache. It does not recognize anyone, or their relatives. Foolish behavior or language, hugs and kisses to everyone, even inanimate objects, worse before menses, refuses to eat; applauds; wants to bite spoons, biting his shoes and swallow the pieces. Spits in the face of people. It's noisy. Coprophagia.
3 - () Despair: during the chills, fever and sweating, with pain, during the suppression of menstruation, or premenstrual, for the salvation of his spirit in the afterlife (with thoughts of suicide, drowning).
He complains, complains, worse at night. Sadness: during menopause, childbirth and postpartum, premenstrual, sometimes with remorse and autorrepoches. He broods in a corner, sitting still, lost in thoughts as trstes. Silent, worse in pregnancy. Inconsolable, by an imaginary misfortune.
4 - () Fear especially in the morning, to die of loneliness (not tolerate being alone), the stroke by diarrhea; of being poisoned, imaginary things, with starts, with a desire to flee. Anxiety: at night, during the chills, after eating, before and during defecation, after a fright, mental strain, with fear, cold sweats, worse off, better outdoors. Guilt. Heartbreak: with palpitations, with oppression, wanting to sit on the bed and jump on it, with cold sweat on his forehead.
5 - () have mental characteristics highlighted in the sexual field, accentuated, erotic delusions often occur, lewdness, indecent exposure, indecency (wants to be naked); sensuality accentuated; satyriasis, nymphomania, especially before and during menstruation. Use obscene language.
6 - () Indifferent, I have no desire or action of his will not pay attention to anything worse with fever or typhoid. Distracted, absent.
Aversion to answer, answer in monosyllables, or will not answer or do it wrongly. Aversion to the husband and children.
7 - () Intellectually, there may be confusion, worse off, better to bend; this as in a dream; imbecility; theorizes, persistent thoughts. Stupor, unconsciousness in which he falls for the slightest movement by standing in the bed, after stool during menstruation, or suppression of it. Semiconscious state. Hysteria, worse at menses.
8 - () dipsomania.
Disorders 9: for anger, anxiety or sorrow silent in anticipation, from fright, for penalties, for excessive joy; by unrequited love, for mortification, for pleasant surprises, for frustration, and so on.
10 simulations or feigns illness (especially blindness or deafness) or 1mbarazo.
11 can be positive characteristics: caring, sweet, happy, hopeful, big industry (especially premenstrual). Others who are negative jealousy, cowardice, desire of being carried in arms, excessive detail, dirt, wanders back and forth through the house.
12 It is a medicine to be taken into account during the agony.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Veratrum album
13 - () collapse, especially after vomiting or diarrhea and cholera, with full and rapid prostration rest of vitality, accompanied by ice cold (see 14) and cyanosis. Fainting: from excitement, from fright, strain, during headache, during childbirth, during menstruation, by moving, by pain (general and teeth) during the beating, after a bowel movement, the minor injury or loss of fluids. Postoperative shock. Great weakness, sudden, rapid or sudden; paralytic; worse tomorrow, for diarrhea during menstruation, the sweating, straining, or by walking, for bleeding.
14 - () Intense cold, cold, objective and subjective in the skin of the whole body or localized sites, especially during menstruation or diarrhea, sometimes with a sensation of internal heat, in the belly, vertex, nose, face, tongue, breath, sweating, etc.. (see Private).
15 - () Downloads copious, watery, who drain: diarrhea, vomiting, urination, salivation, sweating, etc.. (see Private).
16 - () Cyanosis.
17 - () Worse from touch; by pressure, by stooping, by motion, and at night, and waking in the morning, for the cold and wet weather, the humidity, weather changes, heat ; by a warm room, for the hot water from fright, before and during menstruation, before, during and after deposition, during perspiration; outdoors.
Ill effects of opium and snuff. Best: walking, lying down.
18 - () "for children and elderly, the ends of life, people are usually deficient in their reactions and vital, young people and nervous sanguine temperament" (Allen). Thinning.
19 - () epileptic attacks, preceded by anguish and despair.
Convulsive movements; cramps. Convulsions in children. Tetanus.
Dryness and burning 20. Tingling around the body.
Desire and aversion of Veratrum album
21 - () Wishes: salty foods or salt of fruits, especially acidic, ice, cold drinks and cold food, drinks or things juicy, herring and sardines, cucumber, ice cream, soup; pickle, food acids. Aversion to warm food.
22 - () Vertigo worst walking with cold sweat on his forehead, obscured vision and fainting. Headaches that make crises with copious urination.
Heaviness in the head. Hemicraneas. Paroxysmal headaches, before and during menstruation, with nausea and vomiting. Headache in the crown. Mangr throng the head on stooping. Feeling of being shattered brain. Sensation of cold air passing through the head. Hair as if it were electrified; painful. Hot on the vertex, as if there a piece of ice (cold feet, and nausea), worse on rising from bed during menstruation, better by pressure and throwing her head back.
Cold sweat on the forehead accompanied all their symptoms (sintonta key is great), especially with fever and when and after bowel movements. Sensation of heat and cold in the head at the same time. Head hot and sweaty, the child rubbed. It can hold the head by a weak neck. Plica polonica.
23 Pain in eyes, bruised, or burning. Upturned eyes, or fixed, seizures and prominent. Eyes red, inflamed,
painful, worse law. Blue eyes yellowing dull and sunken.
Ojeras blue or black. Generous watering with sensation or dry eyes.
Eyelid dry, bonded during sleep, paralyzed, trembling on the higher. Intense miosis, or mydriasis. Diplopia. Night blindness. Floaters and sparks, especially when rising from a chair or get out of bed.
24 sensation in ears heat and cold, or as if hot or cold air out of the ears turn. Deafness as obstruction. Sensation of a membrane stretched in front of the ear. Humming and roaring, worse when rising from a chair. Hearing loss.
25 - () Nose pointed; seems longer; cold as ice. Ulcerative pain in the nose. Pain in nasal bones. Nosebleed at night or sleeping, on one side; premenstrual. You smell manure or a Hun.
Nasal dryness. Sneezing violent and frequent. Coryza.
26 - () The sign face is a fundamental objective of Veratrum alb.: Very pale face, cold or frost, cyanotic, collapsed, with sunken features and accents, Hippocrates, with a pointed nose and outgoing, with the tip icy red being lying, pale when he stood up, with an anxious expression, or one cheek red and the other pale, or red alternating with pale, yellow face.
Burning heat in the face, very red and sweating. Neuralgia facial twitching, extended ear, worse chewing. Sardonic laugh; lockjaw. Foam mouth. Pustules on the face, with pain when touched. Face bloated. Lips: cyanotic; drooping dry, black and shrunken, wrinkled, cracked, pale. Eruption at the corners. Acne perioral and chin. Pain and swelling in the submandibular glands.
27 Toothache with swollen face, cold sweats front and the general characteristics of the remedy, even worse chewing soft foods.
Loose teeth. Grinding teeth; awake and asleep. Teeth heavy as if filled with lead.
28 - () Dry mouth, clammy, with ardor. Salivation salty, pungent, with nausea.
Hot or burning in mouth and tongue. Tongue dry, blackish, cracked, or red and swollen, or pale, cold, wrinkled, or with fur yellow. Spicy and fresh taste, like mint. Great dryness of the mouth with thirst. Cold breath.
Stuttering. Aphasia. Taste bitter, bilious or putrid; Tmargo like water,
29 Sore throat constricting, worse when swallowing. Swelling of the throat with a danger of suffocation. Hot or burning in throat, dry it does not improve drinking. Exophthalmic goitre.
30 - () insatiable thirst, extreme, large amounts of time (or a sip), cold drinks, which then vomit; thirst worse during the chills and sweating. Intense and continuous nausea, worse after sleep. Vomiting over morning, noon and night, over the chills and fever after drinking and eating, even a small amount, during menstruation and pregnancy, with dizziness, vomiting, violent diarrhea profuse sweats cold front and with great prostration, even by the slightest movement. Bilious vomiting, or green, black, bloody, food, sparkling mucous or watery acid; yellow. Hiccups after eating, with bilious regurgitation. Hiccups after violent and frequent vomiting.
Gastralgias hungry and thirsty. Voracious appetite. Gastralgias after eating, worse by potatoes and vegetables better for milk and meat. Painful distention in the epigastrium; vacuum; cramps. Gastritis.
31 - () Pain in hypochondria. Pain in spleen when walking and after dinner. Enlarged spleen. Belly too sore to the touch, hard and bloated, swollen. Sharp pain or cramping periumbilical preceding diarrhea and improving after, or as if the intestines were tied or beaten, worse after eating. Painful contraction of the stomach during vomiting. As stabbing pains in the stomach, diarrhea and thirst. Burning in the stomach as if coals. Sensation of cold in the belly subjective and objective. Inguinal hernia, strangulated; stands during cough.
Rumbling noise. The more retaining flatus, but has difficulty to remove them. Violent expulsion of gases above and below.
32 - () Chronic constipation with ineffectual urging rectal and inactivity, with large and hard stools, or as round black scybalous motions, which ejects with excessive effort, with cold sweats and excessive exhaustion. Constipation in babies, or pain in children. It is one of the three major Asian cholera remedies (perhaps the most important), and prevail as well as in Cuprum Camphor cramps and cold, in Veratrum album there is a predominance of diarrhea and sweating, diarrhea is very abundant worse at night, with watery stools like rice water, preceded by cramping stomach pains and cramps violent (and at times in a row) and always followed by extreme weakness, with violent vomiting and diarrhea simultaneously, with the inevitable cold sweats in forehead. Diarrhea: in autumn, during the chills (or chills and diarrhea), eating or drinking, for the slightest movement, for fruit, after a fright, in hot weather before or during menstruation, for pears with vegetables. The stools are bilious or greenish or chopped spinach, or black, bloody, brown, very heavy and gushing out; mucous or watery liquid, with burning in anus while defecating and after. Involuntary stools to pass gas. Diarrhea in tuberculosis. Diarrhea Cold sweats flared on the forehead and fainting or tgotamiento terrible chills. Pressure in the rectum with piles.
Intestinal parasites.
33 Retention of urine. Urination and bladder emptying, with constricting pain in the urethra behind the glans. Incontinence of urine when you cough and typhoid. Burning with urination. Dark urine and yellow or green or dark, or dark red, frequent and small.
34 excoriation on the foreskin. Drawing in the testicles.
35 - () Menses early and frequent or heavy, exhausting; preinenstrual: headache, vertigo, epistaxis, night sweats and sometimes sexual mania, at the beginning: diarrhea, nausea and shivers; during: morning headache, nausea, ringing in the ears , thirst and burning pains in the limbs, when going to end: grinds teeth and cyanosis. Nymphomania premenstrual and during menstruation by unfulfilled desire, unrequited love during the postpartum period. Dysmenorrhea with vomiting and diarrhea, cold ice, cold sweats and great exhaustion, which nearly prevented him stand. Vaginal prolapse strangled. Amenorrhea, or suppressed menstruation milk secretion and delirium. Intense sexual desire, worse in the puerperium and night. Threatened abortion with cold sweats, nausea and vomiting. Exhausting labor pains.
Suppression of lochia or milk with nymphomania. Eclampsia. Sore breasts.
36 - () Voice hollow, weak. Spasmodic contraction of the larynx, with suffocation and mydriasis. Cough from tickling in trachea, dry or yellowish expectoration easy; after walking outdoors or on entering a warm room, or drinking cold water, with arcades, with salivation, with pain in his back. Pertussis, with hollow cough, prolonged in fifths, with belching, vomiting and stomach pain. Dyspnoea on slightest movement or even sitting.
Sternal pressure after eating or drinking. Fullness in the chest. Cramps in the chest, with spasmodic contraction of the chest muscles and painful sense of constriction. Tickling retrosternal. Abundant bronchial mucus that can not be expectorated. Chronic bronchitis in the elderly.
Cough with cyanosis. Pinching the nipples, which then bite.
37 Violent palpitation with anxiety chest. Angina pectoris. Pulse slow or fast, irregular and weak. Corazon smoking. Feel the blood like cold water flowing in the vessels.
38 rheumatic stiffness in the neck, extending to the sacrum. Weakness or paralysis of the neck, in the cough, which prevents it from holding the head. Pain as fracture in the lumbar region and the whole back, worse when bending over or stand up.
Cramp-like pain between the shoulder blades. Pain in the shoulder blades.
39 - () Paralytic weakness and pain in the extremities. Tingling or numbness in the limbs, tremors, stiffness, worse morning and after walking. Pains in the limbs as electric shocks, beatings or worse by cold, wet weather and the warmth of bed (get out of it), better by walking continuously. Members ice cream, especially the feet and hands during the chills, and feet during pregnancy. A and hands blue with the chills. Pain as a fracture in the upper limbs, knees (when going downstairs) and legs. Hot or fullness and swelling in rrazos. They sleep the upper limbs, the hands (seems dead) and fingers and his legs. Shaking of the arms to grasp an object in the feet with cold. Feel like electric shocks on his elbows and knees. Tingling in hands and fingers. Cramp in the fingers, during the cholera; violent in the calves and feet, especially cholera. Tension in the tendons of the thigh, as if too short. Heaviness in extreme and painful knees, legs and feet, difficulty walking. Stitches in the toes, in the toes, even worse. Drop. Excoriating pain in calluses of the feet. Bronchial plexus neuralgia. Sciatica.
Yawning 40. Coma vigil with incomplete consciousness, starts from fright,
eyes half open, or closed one. Sleepiness in the evening, sleep at night. Sleeplessness, with great anguish. Slumber deep. Dream that is bitten by a dog and can not escape, who are hunting, with thieves, and wakes up frightened, with the fixed idea that is true, with fights. Sleeps with arms over head. He complains or moans sleeping.
41 - () Hot widespread or in parts, although this very warm, with cold sweats and sticky, especially in the forehead skin is very pale ice.
Cold in the States, especially in the shoulders, arms and feet, with sensation of cold water running through the bone, or vessels, with tremors.
Shivering and mongrels, with thirst for cold water and chicken skin after drinking. Prevalence and cold chills, ranging from the bottom up or down. Chills particular morning, in bed, or starting at 8 pm; with dizziness and nausea, with diarrhea or constipation, or vomiting; not improve in a warm room or by the heat of the stove, appear or are worse after eating or drinking. Pernicious malaria, or a quartan, quotidian or tertian. Fever with cold or frozen skin external and internal heat, delirious and red face, alternating abruptly with chills. Typhoid fever, measles, fever, puerperal and yellow.
Drenching following the fever, especially in the morning or all day and night, cold and copious viscous and always deathly pale face, appear or are aggravated by the slightest movement, with diarrhea before and during menstruation, with pain during and after a bowel movement, and improve upon leaving the bed, the symptoms worsen as sweat and usually pass without thirst. The sweats are sour smelling, fetid or putrid, sometimes coloring the linen yellow. At times, hands sweating alone.
42 - () bluish skin, or purple, white or pale, cold, limp and without elasticity. Like scabies rash, itching at night. Urticaria. Measles with late eruption and pale, with bleeding, vomiting and drowsiness.
Escalatina with blue eruption. Itching miliary eruption heat and burning after scratching.
Carbo veg.