Veratrum viride. Homeopathy

Veratrum viride
(Veratrum Green)
Mental symptoms or pathogenesis of Veratrum viride
1 - () Furious delirium, looking for a fight, argue, scream, hit and kicked, or hit yourself. Puerperal mania, suspiciously, thinking they're going to poison, and this in silence.
2 Intensive afraid to die, to be poisoned.
Stupor 3. Mental confusion. Memory loss. Depression.
4 Loquacious, with exaltation of ideas.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Veratrum viride
5 - () The key symptom of this drug is the congestion which, when matched with nausea and vomiting, is one of its primary indications in a wide variety of cases. Congestive states are sharp, and sudden onset and violent, mostly located in the head, base of the brain, lungs, spine (or spinal) and stomach. In arterial hypertension, with acute cerebral congestion violent and sudden, severe headache, head hot and heavy, bloodshot eyes, livid red face, dilated pupils, ringing in the ears, artriales pounding in the neck and around the body, violent palpitations and turned hard. The drug is particularly useful in people plethoric blood.
6 - () violent spasms or seizures and with abrupt onset opisthotonos, dark red or bluish face, apnea, conjunctival injection, mydriasis. Puerperal convulsions. The child starts and has muscle twitching, as if having convulsions. Tetanus. Korea, with persistent unstable, when you sleep. Sudden fainting when walking or standing.
7 - () Worse: motion; on rising, walking, lying down, going from hot to cold, when uncovered, the morning upon waking and evening; by tight clothing. Better: by friction, by pressure.
8 - () suddenness of onset of symptoms: fainting, prostration, nausea, and so on. Numbness of parts.
9 hemorrhages in organs.
SPECIFIC Veratrum viride
10 - () Vertigo with nausea, vomiting, photophobia and sudden prostration, better closing eyes and resting. Severe congestive headache, hot and heavy head, red face, livid, bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, diplopia, ringing in the ears and intense throbbing carotids. Heat stroke with symptoms that precede, nausea, vomiting and fever, mydriasis, hyperacusis and qoble or partial vision. Violent and sudden cerebral congestion (see 5). Movements of the head, back and forth or side to side, or as if greeting.
Congestion brain menstrual suppression. "Apolejia failure, hot-headed, red eyes, slurred speech, and slow pulse full and hard as iron" (Allen). Rush of blood to the head. Headache as if the head were tightly bound. Headaches and migraines, with the characteristics already mentioned, premenstrual, with nausea and vomiting. Oecipital dull headache.
Basilar meningitis, encephalitis, acute cerebrospinal disease with tonic seizures, or chronic, mydriasis, and sweats opisthotonos viscous. Hydrocephalus. Erysipelas Phlegmonosum scalp, but on the right.
11 Heaviness in the eyes and eyelids: fullness. Copious lacrimation. Blurred vision;
double; blindness in the upper half of the visual field. Green circles around the light, which become red when you close your eyes. Photophobia.
12 Wholeness and pulsation in the ears. Earache going to the vertex. Deafness by quick movements. Hey blows or stamps. Hypersensitive to noise.
Tapered nose 13 and cyanotic. Copious nasal mucous secretion with sneezing.
Itching in the right nasal wing, then left.
14 - () Face red or cyanotic, pale, Hippocrates, cadaverous-looking;
congested; red lying, pale when he stood up. Stitches in the right malar. Pain in right jaw angle. Lockjaw. Convulsive twitching in facial muscles. Mouth pulled down in a corner. Dry lips. Phlegmonosum Erysipelas on the face.
15 - () Dry mouth. White tongue (coated or not), the white center and edges and red tip, or the red center and yellow edges, or white or yellow (with a red stripe and dry throughout the center, is the main symptom key objective of Veratrum viride), with a burning sensation. Smell of ether, chloroform or semen in the mouth. Sialorrhea. Aphasia.
Bitter taste.
16 - () Throat dry, hot, hot, with constant tendency to swallow.
Throat asleep. Violent and constant esophagus spasms, excessive and painful hiccups that appears one to two hours after noon; constant. Sensation of ball moving in the esophagus.
17 Ravenous hunger, worse on waking. Very thirsty, drink some time.
Frequent belching, acid. Nausea. Arcades in terrible pain. Gastralgias tearing, worse from least motion; strict, worse from hot liquids. Violent Vomiting hardly eats a bite. Vomiting copious mucous, blood, food, bilious, with collapse and cold sweats, worse in the morning on rising.
18 Dull pains in the gallbladder and the navel. Cutting in the umbilical region, or from the right side of the umbilicus to the groin, with rumbling. Continuing pain over the groin, all day. Peritonitis when the pulse is hard and firm.
Tingling anal 19. Fetida with copious diarrhea and anal burning and tenesmus sudden and intense before and during bowel movements start, the better later.
Pale stool, bloody, black in typhoid; stringy and difficult to evacuate, alternately soft and hard every 2 hours.
20 Burning urethra during urination. Hematuria, urine scanty, very clear, turbid with sediment red, and foam.
21 Severe pain in the testes, especially on the left of tomorrow.
22 dysmenorrhea, menstrual cramps, nauseated and vomiting. Amenorrhea by taking cold. Vomiting of pregnancy. Stiff neck. Puerperal convulsions.
Puerperal fever, with suppression of milk and lochia. Retained placenta post-abortion. Mastitis with great nervous excitement and pressure.
23 - () Cough from tickling spasmodic retrosternal. Diphtheritic croup. Short, dry or loose, worse from hot to cold. Dyspnea with nausea.
Pneumonia and pleurisy, with high fever, red face, languid pulse gastric and hard or slow and intermittent tachycardia. Dyspnea and pulmonary congestion with imminent suffocation, irregular heart red face, nausea and vomiting.
Tightness in the chest as from a heavy gravestone. Constriction in the chest.
Pain in the left nipple.
24 - () Stitches precordial pain or burning. Violent palpitation with faint feeling. Pulse frequent, irregular (irregular and slow) or full soft, slow, weak, intermittent, and gradually increases suddenly falls below normal. "Veratrum viride should not be simply to reduce or control the action beats heart, but like any medicine, for all the symptoms" (Allen). Valvular heart disease, endocarditis, pericarditis, myocarditis. The carotids throb violently, with such force that the patient can not sleep.
Pulsations transmitted through the body, mainly the right thigh, which is beating above the knee.
25 - () Pulsation in the cervical region, worse during menses.
Back and neck pain, can not hold his head. Contraction of the muscles of the back, with head pointing backward. Pain in the sides of the neck. Pain in the right sacroiliac joint.
26 - () Rheumatism sharp, severe pains in muscles and joints,
that are swollen and very sensitive to high temperature, pulse hard, fast and filled with red urine and oliguria; especiahncnte left shoulder, hip and knee with local numbness. Electric shocks to the members.
Pain in the greater trochanter when it rests on. Pain in the hip joint. Leg cramps or leg; twitching when walking.
Feel dislocated right ankle, then her left, barely able to walk.
27 Very drowsy or insomnia with restlessness. Eat with cyanosis and convulsions. Dream that is in the water that people are drowning; of water, with fishing.
28 - () Chills, with body cold and clammy skin, tremors, head and feet cold and asleep, that's going to arms and legs, as if they were wrapped in wet clothes. High fever with large diurnal swings and violent, rather low in the morning, very high in the evening. Typhoid. Yellow fever. Cerebrospinal fever. Fever in suppurative processes. Influenza.
audores abundant with great prostration. Hot sweats. Bathed in cold sweat. Viscous cold sweats on the forehead.
29 - () Itching. Erysipelas. Erythema. Congestive stage of the rash.
Measles with high fever and severe conjunctivitis. Blue skin marbled.
COMPLEMENTARY Veratrum viride: