Verbascum. Homeopathy

(V. Thapsus. Bubble White)
l moodiness, irritability. 0 properties excessive joy, with laughter, mental excitement with erotic fantasies. Great flow of ideas, with vivid imagination.
2 Distr. Apathetic. Insufficient memory.
3 - () Worse, from touch and pressure, the duck, walking by night, by air currents, by exposure to cold, for change from cold to hot or vice versa, to speak, for estonudar, from 9 to 16 hours granted. Better: when rising from sitting.
4 - () Tearing, darting, stinging (and bones), neuralgic, high intensity, which are down; numbness almost all pains.
5 Vertigo pressing or supporting his left cheek. Frontal headache pressing outwards, or on one side, worse from temperature changes.
Stitches in the brain. Pain in right temple when he eats. Resonance in the head when walking.
6 Pain in the eyes with ardor. Blurred vision, like looking through a veil.
7 - () Earache tearing sometimes when eating. Feeling that the ear is pulled inward. Clogged ear, first left then right, with nasal obstruction, when reading aloud with hearing loss (as if a membrane in front of the ear). Falling asleep ear. Deafness.
8 Sensation of nasal obstruction, laryngeal and ear. Profuse coryza with copious frontal sinusitis and hot tearing.
9 - () Facial neuralgia (one of the most important drugs), especially caused or aggravated by temperature changes, left or right, which occurs mainly at 9 pm or 9 to 16 hours (peaks at noon and then gradually decreases until it disappears at 16 hours), the pains are paroxysmal, drawing or pressing or as if you squeezed with pliers, and is worse in bed, lying down, by air currents, cold air and weather stormy, and the general movement of the jaw, chewing, by pressure, sneezing, talking, touching and waking, with lacrimation and, sometimes, coryza, extending to the malar bone. Pain in the temporomandibular jaw joint.
10 Toothache with tearing pain in the molars 11 - () Accumulation of copious saliva and salt. The root of the tongue is dark in the morning. Tongue with yellow brown viscous mucus morning. Horrible taste in the mouth with bad breath.
12 Intense sore throat when swallowing.
13 Hunger, no taste for food. Unquenchable thirst. Regurgitation bitter, with nausea. Frequent hiccups. Sense of gastric emptying, which went off with a rumbling.
14 - () cutting pain, gurgling and rumbling in the left upper quadrant.
Flatulence, with painful and violent pressure in the navel, as from a stone or cork, worse bending. Pains in the stomach, which go deep down, with a desire to defecate and spasmodic contraction of the anus.
15 - () Intense diarrhea with cramping. Stool hard, like a lamb, evacuated with great effort. Hemorrhoids that itch. Pruritus ani.
16 Frequent desire to urinate, with copious urination. Bedwetting.
Painful urination.
17 Nocturnal pollutions without dreams.
18 - () hoarseness when reading aloud. Cough, especially at dusk and at night, frequent coughing deep, hollow (better breathing deeply), snoring, as "deep bass" which sounds like a trumpet, caused by tickling in chest and larynx. Dyspnoea, asthma. Stitches in the chest. Painful red nodules on the pressure near the xiphoid.
19 precordial lancinating pains in the evening after bedtime.
20 lancinating pains in back and shoulder blades. Stitches persistent in the left shoulder blade and on the last dorsal vertebra. Backache worse by pressure.
21 - () points in the States. Rheumatic pains tearing, pressing or lancinating in upper limb joints. Points or as a twist in the radiocarpal joint. Heaviness and fatigue in legs and feet, especially when climbing stairs. Cramps in his right thigh when walking outdoors on the right foot while standing, walking away. A staggering gait. Trembling at the knees. Stitches in the patella and the foot bones and fingers, worse on the left and rested.
22 Great sleepiness after eating. Restless and disturbed sleep at night.
He wakes up at 4, with dreams of war and corpses.
Internal Hot 23 around the body, hands and feet is also objective.
Shivering on one side of the body, as if bathed in cold water.